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Mar 15, 2007 09:21 PM

Veg Soon Tofu (Tubu) in Boston

I am looking good soon tubu in the cambridge, allston, brighton area. I am a vegetarian and I used to have this dish/soup once a week in LA. Any places you suggest? I saw that Koreana had some, but a focused Soon Tubu place would be better. Good "pan chan" would be nice.


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  1. sadly, there are no BCDs or similar restaurants in or around Boston as far as I know. Not only that but Soon Tofu dishes are rediculously overpriced and undersized at $12+/dish compared to $8 for BCD in Queens or the place in Fort Lee, NJ (I think). That said, Koreana is supposed to be one of the better Korean places around.

    1. JP Seafood is run by a very nice Korean family, has Korean and Japanese items on the menu. On Centre Street in Jamaica Plain.

      1. The Korean landscape is pretty bleak in Boston. Aside from jajangmyun at Hometown in Union Sq, I usually get my Korean fix all the way down in Providence, at Ichiban, where soon dubu chigae can be had for about $8. Or I wait til I visit my brother in NYC.

        1. Never been there myself, but there's the new place in Porter Square mall (in the eatery)called Cho-cho's (or something like that) that specializes in chigae, and especially soon dobu chigae. I'm not sure if a veggie option is available, but I've heard from a few people who've eaten there and said good things. Might be a good starting point.

          1. I've had the soondubu at Cho Cho's a few times and always found it pretty disappointing-- but maybe they have improved over time? (I hadn't heard any good reports even since then, and was never tempted to retry it)
            There are several Korean markets in the area that sell soondubu tofu--it sure won't be the BCD or SGD experience from LA, but you can probably do about as well as any of the local options by making it at home :S