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Freeze dried mangosteen

Trader Joe's has bags of mangosteen. It's delicious, with a texture similar to freeze dried ice cream: very crunchy. Last year they had f/d pitaya (dragon fruit), but it wasn't nearly as good as this.

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  1. I tried it and didn't like it at all. Have you ever had fresh mangosteen?

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      Yes, in Singapore and Malaysia. Part of the attraction of these tropical fruits is the soft texture and the fragrance, both of which are completely missing in a freeze dried product. But I did like it. I think it's a fun if expensive novelty snack.

    2. Wow - mangosteen? I'll have to look for it... haven't spotted it yet in LA. Mangosteen is supposed to have some incredible antioxidants as well - I think they're called xanthones - so you're getting a very nutritious snack as well! Thanks for the tip!

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        The TJs on 3rd/La Brea definitely had it a few weeks ago, and I believe I've seen it at the one in Silver Lake as well.

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          OK... if they have it in your neck of the woods in LA, then maybe they do in mine too then... thanks!

      2. OMG the freeze dried Rambutan is out of this world - I like it even better than the Mangosteen .I buy them out when they have it . Problem is the local is backordered for a bout a month now.

        1. Why would I want freeze dried dragon fruit or rambutan when I can get it fresh? Or is it like having dried apricots, mangos, pineapple, etc...?

          1. The fresh mangosteen should make its way into the US market soon. The Thai government and business export has been working with the US FDA on agreement to irridate the food (low energy ebeam) to allow for US import. I think they are targeting five types of fruit - rambutan, magosteen, durian, jackfruit and longon.

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              You can get all but mangosteen here in the states. I have had all except Mangosteen fresh in the states.

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                From what I've heard from the Fruit Detective, rambutan and longon are now being grown in Hawaii and Mexico. These should become readily available and more affordable some time in the not so near future.

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                  These are readily available in asian markets when in season, mostly the southeast asian markets for rambutan and dragon fruit. For logon I have seen them in Chinese markets as well. Mind you, very seasonal, but o so good. I'm in socal.

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                    I"m in SoCal too... our corner store occasionally carries rambutan from Hawaii. Trader Joe actually had some as well. Dragon fruit is now being grown out in the desert around the Salton Sea and parts of San Diego County - I'm not a big fan of it but my wife really likes it. Longon is also being grown in Hawaii, Mexico, and I hear maybe even Central America and Florida. This should make all of the above available on a much broader basis. The longon doesn't quite seem the same as it is in the markets in SE Asia. Maybe they have to be picked before their peak in order to make it to market. I haven't heard anything yet about mangosteen though. My guess is this might be next, but in much more limited quantities. I have a feeling that this fruit's cultural requirements might be difficult to provide outside of SE Asia. The constant heat and humidity in places like Thailand and Malaysia are hard to find in Hawaii or Mexico. But who knows - we can hope!

              2. I didn't like the dried mangosteens, but I just bought a bag of dried lychees. I recommend it - good when you're on the go. Although I still prefer real lychees.

                1. anyone know if whole foods around the country (im in NYC) have a freezedried mangosteen? ive long heard about the health benefits of it and would love to at least try it.

                  1. I just saw Mangosteen in Costco. Don't know if it was freeze-dried or dried. It was in a box.

                    1. Went to TJ's in Palms today and found dried lychee, freeze-dried pineapple, and freeze-dried mangos, but no mangosteen. Oh where oh where has my mangosteen gone...

                      1. I did like TJ's mangosteens, after I got over my initial disappointment.

                        It was so removed from the real fruit that I thought of it as a completely different thing altogether. Mangosteen is my favorite fruit - plump, extremely juicy, and very fragile. It has such delicate texture with high water content. When dried, it ends up being light, spongy, and brittle.

                        In any case, it was fun when the styrofoam-like pieces collapsed in my mouth. Sweet and tart, like fruit caramel.

                        1. i think i just tried the dried mangosteen, not the freeze dried ones and i thought they were addictive! my 3 year old daughter and i polished a bag off in one sitting. i loved the seed in the middle, it was like having a dried fruit and tasty nut in one bite. to me it tasted like a dried banana, apple and strawberry w/ a truffle like nut bit in the middle-delicious!