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Mar 15, 2007 08:28 PM

Best Baked Pork Chop Rice (HK style)?

My husband is a huge baked pork chop rice fact he eats it everytime we hit one of the many cafes that dot the SGV.

Sadly, he has yet to find one that he loves.

Any rec's? fyi: He only likes the HK Style and not the Portuguese version.


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  1. Baccali Cafe and Rotisserie
    245 West Valley Blvd.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Funny you should mention this...I have not brought him here b/c 1) I didn't think they had this dish and 2) more importantly, I didn't like their chicken.

      Thanks for the rec. We'll go check out the pork chop rice.

      1. re: yum4fun

        Which chicken did you have? The Baccali Chicken? The grilled chicken? Chicken with mushroom? The fried chicken? Some of their dishes can be hit or miss, but overall it's pretty good.

      2. re: ipsedixit

        Hey there, we checked it out last night. He thought it was good although it would've been better if it was with fried rice (old-skool) and with free soup (LOL).

        Thanks for the rec. :)

        1. re: yum4fun

          You have to request the fried rice on the bottom sometimes.

          1. re: yum4fun

            Glad it worked out!

            White rice is healthier than fried, anyway ... :-)

        2. Ten Ten Seafood has a baked pork chop fried rice. Is that the same thing? Not sure if it's HK style, but it's WAYYYY good.

          I love Ten Ten dimsum on the weekends, but they have really good dinners too.

          They're in Anaheim off Euclid and the 5 fwy, in the 99 Ranch shopping center.

          1. Apoligize for my ignorance but I have never tried this dish before can you explain it, style, taste, seasonings?

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            1. re: kare_raisu

              Lots of variations, but basically a pork chop that is breaded, baked and then drenched with a tomato based, marinara type sauce and served over rice or fried rice of some sort. Sometimes the pork chop is quickly fried before baked, sometimes not.

              1. re: ipsedixit

                So I take it that this is a "western-style" dish a la HK cafes?

            2. just Baccali, guys? any other cafes recommended?

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              1. re: yum4fun

                Well, have you tried RED ANT?

                I've not had their baked pork chop, but their curry stews and baked clams are quite good.

                Red Ant Cafe
                529 E Valley Blvd
                San Gabriel
                (626) 288-8043

                1. re: ipsedixit

                  Omg...I thought we knew the SGV inside and out but Red Ant? Never heard of it! I'm sure we've probably passed by it a ton of times.

                  Thanks again

                2. re: yum4fun

                  baccali is good for their rotisserie chicken - nicely seasoned and only $6 w/ rice and veggies. anyone know if savoy kitchen on valley has this? if so, i'm sure it's good. my go to cafe is Cafe Spot on Valley Blvd and Garden Cafe (newly remodeled) in Arcadia.

                  1. re: eatdrinknbmerry

                    Thanks, unfortunately Cafe Spot doesn't have baked pork chop rice.

                    P.S Although the borscht is surprisingly good

                    1. re: yum4fun

                      oh yeah RED ANT! (hong ma yee) that place is definitely good. i love their guilin shrimpcakes. they might have a good porkchop.

                      ps... i love borscht at ANY asian cafe - the wonders ketchup does for a 'leftover' style soup.

                    2. re: eatdrinknbmerry

                      Savoy has the dish, but only on Mondays as part of their "special of the day."

                  2. Try JJ Cafe on Garvey (south of 10) between Atlantic and Garfield,

                    447 W Garvey Ave Ste 102
                    Monterey Park, CA 91754

                    It's decent, better than at most other HK cafes I've tried. Nothing like what you get in HK though. If anyone knows anything better, please let us know.

                    Also, there is a new HK cafe that opened next door (on the west of it) at the new mall. The food is good in general. I would give it a shot.

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                    1. re: chowhoundwoof

                      Thanks, we did actually go to JJ Cafe last week. The portions were quite big and food decent as you said. The new place next door looked kinda empty so we were deterred.

                      1. re: yum4fun

                        I remember this combo plate i used to get at JJ called the Triple Crown - chicken steak, pork chop and beef steak with veggies and rice/spaghetti. $9.99!!! They might even have it still since SGV's prices are always shockingly low. Give Red Ant a try -their Gui Lin fishcakes and portuguese pork shoulder aren't bad.

                        1. re: eatdrinknbmerry

                          Holy cow...I feel heavy already. :P


                          1. re: yum4fun

                            Thanks for sharing your experiences! : )

                          2. re: eatdrinknbmerry

                            "called the Triple Crown - chicken steak, pork chop and beef steak with veggies and rice/spaghetti. $9.99!!!"

                            Are you certain it wasn't called the Triple Bypass? ;-D