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Mar 15, 2007 08:11 PM

El Coyote for Mexican in Queens

Had an awesome dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Queens last weekend called El Coyote on Hillside Avenue between 178th and 179th streets in Jamaica (Just off the F train...also easy to drive to and find parking). Great food, good service, and relatively inexpensive. Highly recommended for anyone looking for good Mexican food.

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  1. I have been eating at this place for many years and continually surprised that its name never surfaces here.

    The guac, tamales, the soups, tacos, and most of the entrees are solid. Plus the cerveza is always ice cold. que bueno!

    1. it's been briefly mentioned here in the past - they have a good lunch selection as well. i fondly remember my mom bringing me home half her sandwiches from here in the past.

      there's a chicken place down the street (closer to midland parkway, other side of hillside ave) that used to serve up a decent half rotiserrie with beans and rice. i'm assuming it's still pretty decent if it's still standing?

      1. pepper
        I've done my best to plug this place.
        people at the QUEENS courthouse at SUTPHIN please take note of their great totally inexpensive LUNCH menu. It's a classy operation. Their guacamole is better than ROSA MEXICANO and 1/3 the price. Free salsa and chips!!-damn it.
        When it warms up you can also be seated outside - very tranquil, lovely.
        And the staff..muy excellente

        1. Anyone know if they do takeout?

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            yes, they do.
            phone # 718 558 5931
            their menu is probably posted on one of the QUUENS sites