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Mar 15, 2007 08:02 PM

Sit Down Mexican in Mission

My husband and I were driving in Mission and saw a new (to us) upscale-looking Mexican restaurant along the way. Possibly on 14th ish? Anyone know it? Been there? Any other ideas for sit-down Mexican?

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  1. Yes, El Delfin on 24th and Folsom. Lots of posts on the board about it.

    1. My guess is you saw Regalito Rosticeria, at 3481 18th St. (

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        If Regalito is the place the OP is asking about its NOT good.

      2. I recommend Los Jarritos on Folsom and I think 19th.

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          Corner of Van Ness & 20th. I don't think the food is anything special. It's not awful, but it is bland and of the splat-on-a-plate variety (extremely runny beans, copious amounts of bad Monterey Jack). I like their hot chocolate, though, and the interior decoration is very cheerful. Service is very spotty (sloooooooow).

          I'll take non-table-service Taqueria San Jose anytime over Los Jarritos. Doesn't Chava (2839 Mission @ 24th) have table service in one section of their restaurant? I haven't eaten there yet.

          1. re: Atomica

            I think the mole enchiladas are good and flavorful. Anyhow, this is my pick for a sit-down Mexican experience in San Francisco, which is limited at best in terms of selection. I usually go for burritos/tacos myself which is another topic.

        2. Los Jarritos is a favorite of mine too, and you can buy an affordable bouquet of flowers from the woman outside as you head home.

          1. Bar none. The best Mexican food sit-downs are at El Torro (17th & Valencia Streets) and Pancho Villa (on 16th between Mission and Valencia Streets). They grill their veggies,seafood and meat to perfection and everything is made fresh. The restaurants are owned by the same owner, including another one in the Castro area, Zapata (18th between Collingsworth and Castro Streets).

            I have been a dedicated patron for more than 20 years and they are consistent with their food. They also give you a variety of salsas for free. Order their combination dinners and you won't regret it. Absolutely fantastic food.

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            1. re: Gudeater

              Really? I haven't been for years but all the above have a sterility to the food that is very unappealoing to me plus they seem more like taquerias than restaurants to me. I'll have to try them again. My memory is they aren't bad but I think I prefer lustier fare.

              Is there fabulous upscale Mexican anywhere in San Francisco?

              1. re: Earl Grey

                Pancho Villa Taqueria is a taqueria but they also make a few other things.

                I'll post about upscale Mexican restaurants in another topic since none of the places are in the Mission.

              2. re: Gudeater

                I agree with Earl Grey. El Torro and Pancho villa are just burrito, taco joints. I assumed that "sit down" meant nice, table service restaurants.