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Mar 15, 2007 07:57 PM

Wilmington NC lunches

Just wanted to post about my latest lunch outings.
Tango Du Chat now serves lunch. Great space, the french fries were great. Unfourtunatley, my sandwich was rather bland:(
I should have had the mussels or something other than a sandwich. The bread was too hard for what they were trying to do.
La Costa, that burned, on Market has reopened and has added a bar and seems much cleaner than before. Do not get my wrong, the food is very good. I believe that somehow it is better than the other two locations. It tastes fresher. I loved the queso dip, it is more chunky with vegetables than the other locations. The salsa seems better too.
Bento Box at Mayfaire... He makes great sushi but it is expensive. Who think that $10 is an expensive tempura shrimp roll.? I want to eat there more but it is a little pricey for what you get. Anyone know when Nikki's plans to open at Mayfaire?
Temptations... the first time I have been on that side of town since the remodel... Same menu items, much improved atmosphere. I never did like the raised seating area but now a better, more comfortable space. Same good lunch. I have a hard time getting away from the brie and tukey sandwich.
This brings me to my latest stop. Francesco's on Kerr, attached to apple annies. They have embraced the column. Lunch was good. Panini pressed sandwich. Guess what I had? A turkey, brie and apple! A complete knockoff from temtations menu but grilled and tasty. My mom did have some gelato and she said it was wonderful.
Fresh Market opened yesterday and I browsed the store today. They have sushi being rolled, lots and lots of cheeses, a rotisserie and huge meat department. They have some great stuff. Some was pricey as you might expect but the store is a great addition to Wilmington. I hope they will be able to maintain the variety and selection they have for the opening week.

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  1. I'll add Catch to the luncheon list. Really great food. Tiny place, but the chef is really doing out outstanding job. The last time I was there, I had the shrimp wrap - fried shrimp with a spicy aoili and a lot of fresh crunchy lettuce drizzled with a thai sauce that was excellent. My husband had the oyster sandwich and said it was really fresh and good. He must have liked it because he didn't share any with me.

    Buzz downtown is that Bijou has closed so that they can rework it into a soup and salad place. Downtown is gearing up for the big PPD move down there, I think, so I expect to see a lot more lunch options opening up in the near future.

    Last time we ate at Nikki's we asked about the location at Mayfaire and they said it was supposed to open late summer/early fall, I think.

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      I love Catch. I have had the shrimp burger and the torpedo (?) wrap, which is what you had. Both were excellent. My only complaint is the size of the place. I do not like sitting at the counter along the wall.

      I can't belieive Bijou is closed. Are you sure? I hope they don't mess with the lounge upstairs.

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        That's what it was called! I forgot. It was really great. Yeah, the place is tiny. We had lunch with four of us and had to basically just split into conversation of twos. No way could four people converse up against that wall.

        Bijou is closed, but reopening and I don't know if it's still owned by the same guy who has that and Brasserie and Max's, etc, or if he sold it. But it is going to reopen.

    2. First of all, the Bento Box is located in the forum shopping center across from Mayfair. I am a frequent diner there and always get the sesame shrimp, which is different from your normal shrimp tempura roll. Their sesame shrimp is a lot bigger than anyone elses shrimp tempura roll with completely different ingrediants. I think it is worth every penny at 9.95 however, my friend that I go with always gets the bento box special which is only a dollar more than mine and is a full lunch with soup and salad. Not trying to sound offensive but I have to defend my favorite sushi restaurant.

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        I have heard that the fish is really, really good at Bento Box, but the rice not so much. That was when they first opened though.

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          Had lunch at 7 regiones yesterday. We had the sopes with beef and then I had the carnitas. They make there own tortillas that were very good. The restaurant was full of latinos so you know it is an authentic place. It is in the old Tower 7 spot on College. Give it a try, we really enjoyed it. The downfall was that I was full and lazy after such a meat heavy lunch!

          Also had lunch again at Catch last week. He is doing a great job. The food is fresh and really delicious.

          We are going back to Big Thai today. I have become a big fan of it because it seems so fresh. I find that I crave it.

          I was thinking how great it would be if we on chow could take turns writing thourough reviews on the local independent places we like. I am annoyed at the reviews by Rosa and the lunch bunch. Rosa drinks coffee before everything so I doubt her real food knowledge and the lunch box only says nice stuff to sell ads. I do think Liz Biro writes well, the articles are about food and the people who make it. Maybe we could make a list and we could each pick a place and write a complete article of sorts. Any interest?

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            Cool idea wineandcheese! Check out Something like that might be neat to start also.

            1. re: Ando

              Sorry. Try this.
              They do a mid-month update and one at the end of the month.

            2. re: wineandcheese

              I'm in, guys! Sounds like fun! Why don't you go ahead and start a topic for it?