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Mar 15, 2007 07:26 PM

Bobby Flay's Restaurants

Which is the best one? Bolo, Bar Americain, or Mesa Grill? Just wondering since nobody really ever talks about Bobby Flay's restaurants. I really like his shows- Throwdown and Foodnation so I figured I would try one of his restaurants also.

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  1. My favorite of the three Flay restaurants is Bar Americain. The atmosphere as well as the food is great. After Bar Americain, I would have to say BoLo and then Mesa. Bolo is great because they have tapas! The last time i was there Bobby was in the kitchen which was awesome!

    1. "...[N]obody really ever talks about Bobby Flay's restaurants."

      You must be new to this board. Do a search and you will find a boatload of posts regarding all his restaurants. That said...

      I would definitely not recommend Bar Americain. The food we had there was horrible!

      We have not been to Bolo since '05. It was just after Grimes in the "NY Times" had awarded the restaurant 3 stars. Based on the meals we had there, I thought the stars were well-deserved. Obviously, I can't say whether it's still as good.

      As for Mesa Grill, my experiences there go back much, much further, so any opinion I had then would be irrelevant now.

      1. I have to disagree--been to Bar Am. twice now and thought the food was great both times. Have had the hot brown, the shrimp and grits, onion soup, fresh chips w. cheese sauce and some other tastes of my wife's food and have always been impressed. the cocktails are original, well executed and in line with the overall theme. Have not had the raw bar yet but the stuff seems quite fresh. Not sure what your experience was but mine was good

        1. I completely agree with johleer. I love Bar Americain and have been many times. You can't judge a restaurant that accurately on 1 visit. The food is so flavorful and unique and the atmosphere is really fun. The steaks are excellent and I love the grilled pizza app and the cocktail tasting.

          Bolo is so well done and I love the neighborhood feel to the place. The tapas are so delicious but my favorite has to be the lamb shank (falls right off the bone and is so juicy).

          Mesa Grill is my all time favorite Bobby Flay restaurant. I like spicy food with a kick and this place satisfies my cravings every time. I actually think brunch is their best meal.

          1. Bolo over Mesa Grill. Have not been to Bar Am. yet.