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Mar 15, 2007 07:00 PM

Fenouil in the Pearl


Has anyone had the chance to stop by this "amazing" restaurant I continue to hear/read about? Share your experiences and thoughts. Thanks


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  1. I love Fenouil.
    We ate there for the first time, right after they opened, we have had dinners and lunches there many times since and I have no complaints yet :)
    It is romantic if you want it to be, I love sitting by the fireplace over in the corner of the room in the winter, I love sitting outside in good weather, the service is usually good, sometimes might be a bit slow but never enough to spoil things.
    If you just want to test the place, go for drinks or a light lunch.

    1. I had lunch there and was disappointed with the food and service.

      1. When i took your mom there i was throughly impressed with the food, although the service could have been better, it did not ruin the night for us.

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          I had a very nice lunch there and a lousy dinner there. I think it is uneven and there are other places at which I would rather have an expensive lunch (such as Wildwood, Carlyle and even Higgins). Though I do think the service was very good both times I was there.