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Mar 15, 2007 06:59 PM

Any remaining dim sum in Pittsburgh?

I have lately been mourning the death of the Peking Royal Kitchen on Murray Avenue in Squirrel Hill. In the mid-80s, it was a regular hang-out and we routinely enjoyed dim sum on Sunday mornings.

Alas, are there any Pittsburgh area options left for weekend dim sum?


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  1. Hong Kong in Dormont does Dim Sum, but I think it's all in the kitchen now, no cart. I could be wrong, haven't been there on a Sunday in awhile. We get takeout there often. It's one of the more underrated Chinese places in town, not partly due to the, um, lack of decor. But Ray and Dave are terrific and they'll make anything you want.

    1. Great. Do they do it every Sunday? Tonight, at the Orient Kitchen on Baum, we asked the owner why he didn't do dim sum on weekends. He said there wouldn't be enough customers in Pittsburgh, and that he needed at least 100 people to make it worthwhile. :-(

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        I think so. But we haven't been in more than a year. You might want to call ahead for hours.

      2. Yes Lauren: There is a Chinese restaurant on West Liberty Avenue in Dormont. It's called HONG KONG and they have dim sum...i think the first sunday of every month. Give them a call. It's really good.

        1. It has been a while since I've lived in pittsburgh but you may want to check out the Dumpling House on Murray Ave in Squirrel Hill. I believe they offer dim sum- although it is off a menu and not in carts unfortunately.

          1. Pacific Ring in Squirrel Hill is now serving good dim sum (kitchen not carts, alas). It's where the old Sichuan House used to be. I think they serve from 11-2 or 3 every day. I went there with a friend a few months ago, and found it authentic and tasty.