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Mar 15, 2007 06:46 PM

Farmers' markets

While I'd *love, love, love* to be able to make it back to the Wednesday FM in Santa Monica, that's pretty much something that won't happen in...oh, for a while, given my work/school schedule.

That said, what areas have farmers markets that have a good selection of produce? It's a shame that the one in Westwood only has about...five vendors(? seven? in any case, there are definitely fewer than 10 vendors) who actually sell produce...

Recs for random weekday and Sunday ones would be much appreciated.

I keep meaning to go to the one in S. Pas, if only to walk around that area in the evening and ride around on the Gold Line...

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  1. Im not sure where you are but there is one in Mar Vista on Sunday mornings. Its right on Grand View Blvd. at Venice.

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      The Mar Vista farmers market is on the small side, but the produce offered is very good, and there's some decent food options as well...

    2. This is a listing of Farmer's Markets in the greater LA area by day, time, won't answer your question of what is sold where, but there are phone numbers to call, and will help you see where you might be, and on what day! I am sure other posters will have more information for you.

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        Attached is a link to a more up-to-date website for LA County Certified Farmers Markets:

      2. The Sunday Farmers market in Hollywood is one of the best. I like it right after Wednesday's S.M. Little smaller but same great variety.

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          I went to this farmers market back in January and was amazed with how many produce vendors were there. Also, lots of flowers, a raw milk stand, some arts/crafts, and great food and baked goods. The Thai, Korean, and pupusas hit the spot, and the Los Angeles Bakery stand had some great pastries.

        2. I like the Hollywood Sunday market for size, but my market has always been the Studio City Sunday market.

          I really need to find a weekend market in or near OC.

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            I would think there'd be some interesting finds at OC farmers markets... produce coming from the south and east would probably be quite different from alot of the produce found in LA, as well as the large Southeast Asian population's influence... I hope you find some great places...

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              Here's a link to Certified Farmer's Markets in OC. Hope it helps.


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                Didn't the Uebergeeks move too far to go to the one in Studio City?

                Wouldn't the beachy communities in the OC offer some variety? I always liked the ones in Torrance and PV, and it makes sense that more suburban areas would have better markets...

                1. re: PseudoNerd

                  Yeah, it's too far... and it's on Sunday, so I can't go to both church AND the farmers' market. (And believe me, I wrestled with which one would win -- but I didn't fancy writing reviews of the restaurants in Hell.) I haven't been to a farmers' market since we moved. Henry's in Fullerton does NOT count, "farmers' market" though it styles itself.

                  The only "beachy" one in OC I know is the Huntington Beach market, which barely deserves to be called a farmers' market -- it's mostly crafts. However, OCAnn says that starting in April, there's a Thursday night market in Fullerton really close to my train station! If it's any good I'll have to lobby them to make it year-round. I can't be the only ex-LAite who misses the markets!

                  1. re: Das Ubergeek

                    Haha "I didn't fancy writing reviews of the restaurants in Hell" you're on it today! I used to love the Seal Beach market on Saturdays - don't know if it's still there, maybe it's just not "certified"

                    Also, slightly tangential, Henry's Market right off the 91 at Harbor has a nice produce section and good bulk offerings.

                    1. re: Das Ubergeek

                      Turns out that the Thursday evening downtown Fullerton Farmers Market begins 04/05/07 (runs April - October The selection, though not large, is decent (better than Brea's year-round FM). I like it, b/c it feels like a community event and it's a nice way to unwind after work. During the summer, they turn on the water and the kids run through it; it's dog friendly too.

                      Fullerton has a year-round Farmers Market at Independence Park; however, those are on Wednesdays, 10:00 - 14:00, so making it there during working hours is tough. My guess is that one's for stay-at-home moms (considering the hours).

                      Brea has a smaller version of Fullerton's Thurs evening FM on Tuesdays. It's at the Brea Promenade. Brea likes its dogs, but not so much the kids. I like to walk thru it on my way to Taco Tuesdays @ Frescas ($1 greasy chicken tacos). The Brea Fire Dept likes their food too. The Melting Pot is supposed to open soon; otherwise, it's an enclave for smaller chains, but I digress.

                2. I go here to find local certified Farmer's Markets, days and times.
                  Torrance has a huge market on Saturday mornings.

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                  1. re: Signora

                    Wow, what a great, comprehensive link! :) Nice.

                    1. re: Signora

                      It does! It makes me wish I still lived there!

                      With work in Downtown/Little Tokyo morning to evening on Saturdays, I couldn't possibly make it in time. Oh, well...

                      I've had that link bookmarked for a while, but I figured that wasting time in traffic and gas driving around would just add to the frustrations of finding a less-than-stellar FM and decided to ask around for recs ^_^