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Mar 15, 2007 06:17 PM

More birrieria questions - anyone tried the San Jose birrierias ... & elsewhere

So are any of these true Birrierias where goat and only whole goat is sold?

Birrieria Jalisco
693 N 13th St
San Jose, CA, 95112
(408) 288-9437

Birrieria Apatzingan
84 Keyes St
San Jose, CA, 95112
(408) 295-1520

Birrieria Tepa
1442 S White Rd
San Jose, CA, 95127
(408) 258-6377

La Birrieria
1480 S White Rd
San Jose, CA, 95127
(408) 258-9612

I found one brief reference in a HAWAII chat room about one of the above. The poster who was in San Jose for a convention didn't name the place though. Said it was six blocks from Japantown and the goat was great. One of the Japanese people recommended the place.

I wonder if this SF place is open and what it is like

Birrieria Jalisco
1198 Treat Avenue
San Francisco, CA

Here's two in Pittsburg
Birrieria El Puente
3948 Railroad Ave.
Pittsburg, CA 94565

Birrieria Y Taqueria Yahualica
13 S Bella Monte Ave
Pittsburg, CA 94565
(925) 458-5549

Any other areas in the bay area that have birrerias like this joint?

There seem to be one or two in the Sacramento area that are outside of the scope of this board. As is Birrieria Guadalajara in Castroville.

Here's some actual pictures of a what a real birreria sells ... put a napkin under your chin to catch drool

That link and more birreria discussion on general board

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  1. Hmm, no replies! For no reason at all, I recalled driving by Birrieria Jalisco years ago and thinking "I've got to try that some day." Hasn't anybody been to the birrierias in San Jose?