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Mar 15, 2007 06:12 PM

New Korean Place - Totally Random

So I was sick today and didn't go into work, so i tried the korean food at the deli next to my apt. It's on 13th and 5th right on the corner (on 5th slightly below 13th on the east side of the street)...surprisingly its very good (at least for the city)

We had:
- duk mandoo guk (rice cake and dumpling soup)
- sul long tang (ox tail soup)

In fact i'd say the food was much better than most ktown places (which is pretty funny). I think they only serve food at lunchtime, but I recommend trying if you're in the neighborhood.

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  1. i've posted about this place before. it's called pilly's, and i believe they opened last last summer/early fall. to get korean food you go upstairs to the seating area and order at the counter in the back. i like it very much. definitely a good value, and generous portions.

    1. It's funny because the place next to it, "61," used to serve Korean food before [insert whatever actually happened to 61 here]. It's like there was a void to fill. Shame--I used to go to school right there and now I'll probably never get to try Pilly's.

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        its the same place, the owners are the same, the other place had a fire and they moved next door

      2. I love this place! While the food is not as good as it is in Ktown, I love the convenience and the prices. They have a lot of options for the deli, and I'd say the food is above average, but it's nice to have this option around the Union Square area. Also, there is another Korean food place called Mannas on 17th and Park. The food looks much better quality, is a little pricier, and trendier. Haven't tried it yet.

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          my office orders from manna fairly often, and to be honest i don't think it's worth the extra money. i haven't tried anything yet that was much better than pilly's, and pilly's reminds me more of my friend's mother's cooking. it has that homely edge to it. plus, they're VERY generous with the kimchee while manna gives you a tiny mouthwash cup-sized portion. they do have a larger menu than pilly's, though, being a dedicated korean restaurant and not an annex of a deli.