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Mar 15, 2007 05:59 PM

The Scoop on Wild Noodles in Burbank. Any good?

Drove by it, has anyone been, Pros Cons?

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  1. Don't go. Interesting concept, but horrible execution. The food is not good at all.

    1. It's looking like we're about to see a whole BUNCH of would-be restauranteurs finally grab onto the Noodle World/Pasta Pomodoro concepts, or combinations of them, and shake them until dollars stop falling out, or they die trying. A few will probably be pretty good; many will be awful; many folks will lose their shirts.

      I expect, within the next three months, an "eclectic noodle AND frozen yogurt with mix-ins" restaurant somewhere in so cal; I'm thinkin' maybe CityWalk, or Hollywood/Highland..."NoodleBerry" anyone?

      1. While I've not been to the Burbank location, I have had the unfortunate experience of dining at the Wild Noodles in Tucson twice. Twice too many. The first time we thought, hey, good concept, ok food. That was for takeout. The second time, it was absolutely horrible. That was for dine-in. The food, including anything deemed by them as "spicy", was incredibly bland and tasteless. They seem to feel that bean spouts are noodles, hence the over-abundance of them in every freaking dish. We actually walked out mid-lunch.