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Mar 15, 2007 05:20 PM

Anyone looking for Bobbi's Hummus?

Well, after a long wait...Bobbi's is BACK! Bobbi apparently sold the business to her son, and fortunately we are able to enjoy that garlic breath we have all missed...
We picked some up at the Whole Foods in Princeton this weekend - they also were having a tasting, so I think we are OK for the time being. There is a black bean hummus that's new. YUM!

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  1. Metropolitan Bakery has it too.

    1. I'm doing a story for the Weaver's Way ( newsletter on Bobbi's Your Favorite Hummus product. If anyone would like to give me a quote for the article, I would be happy to have it. I am an addict of this product. I can't believe they don't have a web site.

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        Looking forward to your article... I get my Bobbi's fix at WW, too ;)

        If only they carried the Jalepeno... you don't even know.... SO great...

      2. I bought some of their red pepper hummus from Double Shots yesterday. It's good stuff--nice and garlicky, and almost fluffy texture. Pretty color, too. :)

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          Also available at Whole Foods Markets... in a word, this hummus is addicitive, bordering on seductive... just be careful of the garlic hummus... it stays with for days!

        2. In addition to Whole Foods, both the Ardmore and RTM locations of Downtown Cheese have it.

          1. I'm sorry to say, but, what is all the fuss about this hummus? You might as well eat raw cloves of garlic! I do like garlic, but this stuff is an absolute assault to the tastebuds.