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Mar 15, 2007 05:06 PM

DeMarco's to close restaurant/bar area April 1

In the aftermath of the tragic shooting at DeMarco's last night, it was revealed in today's NY Times that the pizzeria is struggling financially.

Because of this, the owners, who of course include several children of Dom DeMarco of Di Fara Pizza, are planning to shut down the restaurant and bar section of the business on April 1, although the take-out area will remain open.

Even though I've never been a fan of the pizza at DeMarco's, I'm sad to see it go. And of course I'm really stunned and saddened by the shooting last night.

"Ms. Mieles and her brothers plan to shut down the bar and restaurant part of the business on April 1, and only keep the pizzeria open.

Part of the heartbreak of Mr. Romero’s death, she said, was that she had considered letting him go months ago because the bar and restaurant were faltering. Ms. Mieles said she is haunted by the thought that is if she had let Mr. Romero go, he might still be alive.

But she and the pizzeria’s other owners decided to keep Mr. Romero on, she said, partly because he was a hard worker and largely because he was widely liked. "

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  1. I beleive this move will keep the pizza alive. The pizza at the take-out window has always been better.

    Supporting DeMarco's is perfect. It spits in the face of violence, it helps us remember those that died, and the pizza is fantastic.

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      Agreed -- on all counts. It's so weird, I recognize some of the guys who were involved...

    2. i only go to the take out counter...ive always said that their squares are some of the best in difaras but enjoyable at 11pm...never a wait.

      1. whenever im in the west houston area which is pretty often, i always stop in for a slice. great pizza and i'm happy they will be keeping the takeout open. say a prayer for the souls of the departed.

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