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Mar 15, 2007 04:48 PM

Kauai BBQ Grill - Mt. View - so so lunch

My hubby and I went and checked out Kauai BBQ Grill in Mountain View the other day - small corner restaurant on Dana St. It supposed to have Hawaiian and Filipino and American food.

The plate lunches include rice and your choice of either macaroni or green salad. He tried the Curry Chicken, which was really watery and not very curry tasting - the chicken was kind of tasteless - the salad was just iceberg lettuce, with some slices of tomato and cucumber (I think) - it came with what looked like bottled Italian dressing on the side.

I tried the Loco Moco, which was a little better. The ground beef had some good flavor, almost like they added some onion or something. The gravy was standard brown gravy, a little too watery for my taste - the eggs were over done, and the yolks were broken so not over easy like it should be. I don't like macaroni salad, even less so when I saw that they added peas to it (ugh).

Maybe the Filipino entrees are better?

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  1. L&L has opened up in Mountain View (in the new Best Buy shopping center). Their kalua pig and lau lau was pretty decent and reasonably priced. It may be my go-to spot for Hawaiian now that Da Kitchen has closed.

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      What do you think of Lukoki in Mountain View, on Showers (in the big strip mall on the corner of San Antonio and El Camino)? I liked Da Kitchen more, but my experiences at L&L have been kind of mediocre (admittedly, I didn't try the kalua pork), and Lukoki has seemed pretty good.

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        I like their rice bowls - I usually will get their BBQ combo (chicken/beef) with curry sauce!

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          Never been to Lukoki. Da Kitchen was the best around but unfortunately, and sadly, they could not overcome their location. I think L&L is okay. The kaluha pig is better than say, J&J but not as good as Da Kitchen.

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          I tried L&L last week with a coworker since it's close to work - I tried their Loco Moco (I guess it's my litmus test); points in their favor: they asked me how I wanted my eggs cooked (over easy); they separated the macaroni salad from the entree. Actually I tried the macaroni and I thought it was decent - the sauce for the Loco Moco was a little bland, but okay - the hamburger was average, nothing special.

          My coworker got the seafood special, which came with fried fish, shrimp, and short ribs. He said the shrimp tasted like it was frozen, the fish was not that good. He liked the Lukoki version better.

          Unfortunately, Lukoki doesn't have Loco Moco -

          I may go back to L&L and try their pig...

        3. How does it compare to the Ohana that just opened on Castro (it's on the first block west of the RR tracks)? My go-to for Hawaiian has always been Hukilau in downtown Palo Alto, on Ramona (next to Blue Chalk) -- it's a shade pricier, but food and surroundings are a notch or two up in quality (and a notch less greasy...)