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Mar 15, 2007 04:30 PM

Bistro Savannah, Elizabeth's, Gottlieb's

I will be in Savannah for two days, which means only two dinners. From what I can tell from these extraordinarily informative boards, all of these will be excellent, but I'm wondering if any of the three have a particularly special place in the Savannahian heart. I used to be a pastry chef, so if any of these have particularly outstanding desserts, please let me know!

For breakfasts and lunches, I have Skyler's, Mrs. Wilkes, Wall BBQ, Mom & Nikki's, and Clary's written down as possibilities. I'm excited to see and dine in your beautiful city!

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  1. I actually think Gottlieb's closed...that's what my friend who was just at SCAD said, but you might want to double check. They have a website...anyway I would def. go there, esp. for dessert. I have not been to Elizabeth's but I heard it wasn't as good as its reputation. I don't know anything about Bistro Savannah.
    I've been to Il was ok, but expensive and the gelato had been sitting in the freezer for too long (think months). I went to the Olde Pink House and that had very good food. For breakfast and lunch, Firefly Cafe is supposed to be good.

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      Ah, upon further research I see Gottlieb's has closed--well, that takes care of the dinner dilemma! (Il Pasticcio looks good, but I'm from New York so eat global food all the time--I want some American food, darnit!)

      Thank you!

    2. I just saw you had Clary's on your list...I went there and it wasn't really good, if you're an eclair fan, they're are gigantic. Look at these two websites: and

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        Ah, nevermind, then (I try to avoid overly touristy places but was simply charmed by the description of Clary's in "the book"). Upon further research I've found a couple of other breakfast/lunch places--Desposito's and The Breakfast Club--so I'll likely be going there. Thank you!

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          Hey! How did you hear about these restaurants?

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            Hear what about the restaurants?

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              Someone on these boards recommended a board called and they had these two restaurants mentioned; the others I mentioned are sprinkled all about the boards.

        2. Can you let us know what you think post-trip? Am headed down there myself soon and have some of the same questions about where to go.

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          1. Bistro 45 is also a good choice. George's on Tybee & North Beach Grill on Tybee for lunch or a light dinner.

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              Excellent, thanks! Everyone says to stay away from the Crab Shack without saying what a good alternative is, so if I hit Tybee I'll go to North Beach Grill.