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Mar 15, 2007 04:22 PM

New Orleans Wedding Location Ideas

We are planning a wedding in New Orleans in October. Does anyone know anything about weddings at Hotel Monteleone, The St. Louis Hotel or Chateau Sonesta? There will be about 150 guests. Would appreciate all reviews and suggestions.

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  1. If it were me, I'd look at Bella Luna. The restuarant closed after Katrina, but if I read the website correctly, they still use the space for weddings and events.

    1. Bella Luna is closed regardless of what the website says. They do catering at The Foundry, same chef as Bella Luna. The city owns the building where Bella Luna was located and has not finished repairing it since the storm. Too bad because it had the best view in the city.

      1. My neice's wedding reception was at the Monteleone and it was beautiful. The food was excellent, service was as well and the coordinator was always close at hand. We got excellent prices on rooms and suites for out-of-town guests too.
        Bear in mind that this was a traditional old New Orleans style reception, not a sit-down meal. Seated meals weren't traditional in the South although I imagine that they are more common now. The Monteleone does have excellent in-house restaurants so I imagine that they could do that if that is your tradition.
        My neice and her husband lost their new home in Katrina and the top tier of thier wedding cake was in the freezer waiting for their first anniversary. They returned to the Monteleone (still sort of homeless) to celebrate that anniversary and the Hotel baked them a new one to replace it and upgraded them to a beautiful suite.
        We're from NOLA and have used the Hotel for years and have always been pleased with their service.

        1. I had a destination wedding in New Orleans and researched a lot of places. Quality of food, friendliness of the staff, and "character" were most important to me.

          We got a block of rooms at the Chateau Sonesta for my wedding party. It was a great place to stay, and staff is friendly. For a wedding, I think it would be a little too dull and "convention-center"-ish. If the brunch buffet is catered by the same people who do the weddings, I would say it is good but not outstanding.

          Monteleone is beautiful, and has a really cool carousel bar. It is right in the heart of the quarter. I did not tour the wedding facilities because of my price range, but it is very ritzy and has character.

          There are two places I definitely would have gotten married if my party had been the size of yours (My group was only 40 people, making these sites unrealistic):

          The Napoleon House...gorgeous building, rich in history, in the French Quarter

          The Columns...simply gorgeous, in the garden district:

          We also looked into the Maison Dupay, but found it to be too much of a wedding "factory".

          We ordered an excellent, reasonably priced cake from the Swiss bakery. They have a special poured fondant that is amazing.

          Contact me if you would like more info, or to see pictures.

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            I have attended weddings at both The Tea Room at the Audubon Zoo & the Women's Opera Guild House on Prytania. Both were gorgeous & well executed.

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              I attended a wedding in the courtyard of the Royal Sonesta. It was done very nicely but I don't think it is big enough for 150 guests.

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                I am actually deciding between having my wedding at the Audubon Tea Room or the Women's Opera Guild Home. Wondering if I could ask you questions about the weddings you went to there, would love to hear your insight, as I'm having a hard time choosing! They both offer their own unique setting.

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                  The post you replied to is over two years old.

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                    Yep. Start a new thread to get more responses.

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                      I am in the beginning stages of planning my wedding and I have heard some good things about the Tea room. Do you have any info you'd like to pass along about the places you've seen?

                2. I did an event several years ago at Latrobes on Royal which is the original bank building of NO in the quarter. Very cool venue - vendors used are fabulous (try to use Glen Vesch as your florist no matter where you end up in New Orleans) Web site is