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Who serves skate dowtown toronto?

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Looking to have Skate for dinner next saturday night, and is impossible to find it on a menu.
My girlfriend really loves skate, its her birthday and want to impress her.
Can anyone help me on this
Signed ...skate or die

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  1. Try Batifole ... not downtown but not far from it.

    1. fuzion -

      Reviews of the restaurant are all excellent.

      1. Cataplana on College featured skate in their Cataplana of Seasonal Fish last time I was there.

          1. I've had it at scaramouche. Didn't like it! Not sure if its still on the menu, this was a while ago.

            1. For the sake of any future searches (I don't think you'll want to take your girlfriend to this place for her birthday), Rebel House up by Summerhill has skate. My girlfriend had it and thought it was quite good. Maybe go when she's in a skate mood and wants to go for good pub food and excellent beer.

              1. When I was last at Chiado, they had fresh skate on offer. I'd call ahead to check if they're still serving it.

                  1. I've heard that Batifole does it really well...............