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Mar 15, 2007 04:15 PM

Lee Vietnamese, Pittsfield Indian

I just made a quickie trip to the Berkshires and I stopped at the new Vietnamese restaurant in Lee. It was good, not as good as the Golden Dragon in Pittsfield used to be, but a nice friendly place with fresh, hot food. Their rice pudding has black eyed peas in it(!?).

I also stoped at the Indian restaurant in Pittsfield for the buffet, and that was pretty good too. They have remodeled, which is nice because it was a little grim, and they are offereing more dishes, two chicken and three vegetarian when I was there. And they still have the best rice pudding in the berkshires.

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  1. Anyone know the name of the Vietnamese restaurnant the OP is referring to? I will be in Lee later on today and would be interested in a good but casual meal. If anyone has any other recs for places not too far from Exit 2 on the Mass Pike, I'd appreciate it!

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      Just wrote a response, which somehow got eaten. Pho Saigon is the name of the restaurant and it's on a side street in the center of Lee.

      I had dinner last night at Kim's Dragon in Pittsfield, which was absolutely wonderful. We got an order of the spring rolls, Shaken Beef (divine) and Pad Thai, and just had the leftovers (which were pentiful) for lunch. Check it out, their food is terrific!

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        Dined in the Indian restuarant on North Street this weekend. There is a new owner and would recommend the Tandoori chicken preparation. It has been spruced up nicely!

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          Hey cheferella - I thought Kim's was permanently closed! I am so glad to see your post.
          Is the son still cooking there? And do you know if they're running a limited menu or back in full swing?
          (sorry for all the questions)
          Thanks and happy spring!

          1. re: cowgirlinthesand

            Hi cowgirl. The son is cooking and they have a full menu--bigger this time than when we were there a few weeks ago. The spring rolls are still amazing and the entrees are HUGE and very fresh and delicious.

            They were closed for awhile this winter (all of January), and then didn't reopen when they had planned as they had some kind of flood in their kitchen. They reopened in March, I think. They're closed on Tuesdays, but open at 4:00 every other day of the week.

            Go, enjoy, and report back!

            1. re: cheferella

              We love Kim's Dragon in Pittsfield. We made a 5 minute video of our time there and wrote a review.
              You can see the menu and the food and atmosphere very well. Enjoy

      2. Pho Saigon
        5 Railroad Street
        Lee, MA
        (413) 243-6288

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          Interesting. Is this related to the Pho Siagon on Springfield, MA? Its not the pho place I prefer in Springfield because they don't have Bun and they have a tendency not to give you what you order if you stray from the rare beef pho, but I would definitely stop in when I'm travelling between Westfield and Pittsfield.

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            Had a decent bowl of Pho there a couple of weeks back. Nothing to write home about, but quite good, especially given the scarcity of Vietnamese out here in the west. I believe the owners are Chinese, and their Chinese selections looked quite good.