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Good Red Burgundy Under $50.00?

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All recommendations appreciated. TIA.

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  1. There are plenty, but -- as with most things -- it all depends upon where you live, and the style of Burgundy you prefer. More info gets more specific recommendations.

    In the meantime, you may want to check out:

    North Berkeley Wines http://www.northberkeleyimports.com/h...
    Kermit Lynch Wine Merchants http://www.kermitlynch.com/
    Premier Cru http://www.premiercru.net/

    Woodland Hills Wine Co. http://www.whwc.com/
    Wine Exchange http://winex.com/
    The Wine Club http://www.thewineclub.com/

    and several more . . . .

    1. One inexpensive red Burg, that I have enjoyed is Marc Michelet & Fils, both their Geverey-Chambertin and their Nuits St-Georges. While not anywhere as complex as, say an Echezeaux, or a Clos le Tarte, these have been very nice and at half to 1/3 the price.


      1. look to *lesser* appellations: marsannay, mercurey, st. romain, savigny-les-beaune and village level wines like cotes-du-nuits.

        1. I recently had a bottle of 2002 Domaine Daniel Rion Cote de Nuits-Villages Le Vaucrain and it was a good value. I don't remember the exact price but it was under $50. Very floral and silky.

          L'Arlot also has a nice Cote de Nuits-Villages, Clos de Chapeau that retails under $50. It's light and not super complex, but it's got that burgundy magic.

          You can definitely find good burgundies under $50, but I feel like the magic number for burgundy is around $65. That seems to be the dividing price line between good and sublime.

          1. My go-to value Burgundy is generally Tollot-Beau Chorey-Les-Beune which you should be able t find for under $25. Jean Grivot's Nuits St. George is often good and generally about $45. You can often find Girardin's Cortons right around $50 or $55.

            As others have said, the topic is so broad it is hard to give a really good answer