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Mar 15, 2007 03:53 PM

Irish Whiskey cake

There used to be a prepackaged, boxed cake sold in higher end department stores around Christmas called Jamesons Irish Whiskey cake. I think there were 3 other types, one was a chocolate rum cake and I do not recall the others. I am trying to find someone who remembers these and can guide me towards a recipe.
I have found Irish whiskey cake recipes but they have fruit in them. The cake I remember is a dense, whiskey soaked cake-yellowish in color with no fruit that I recall.

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  1. It may have been Downey's. They use Jamesons Irish whiskey. I've been looking for a good recipe but no luck so far. (I asked recently on this board).

    1. Yes, it was Downey's! May the luck of the Irish be with us for this hunt!

      1. Downey's. They can be found in the Epicure departments of high end department stores like Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Bloomingdales around the Christmas holidays.


        Recipe: ... ... omit the fruit.

        1. There's a place in Tennessee that does a Jack Daniels cake that is delicious. And they ship!

          1. I have run across the recipe you brought up beforebut I will happily try it without the fruit. I guess I will also be seeing one of the department stores--I used to get the cakes at Marshall Field's so I will have to check out Needless Markup.
            I am sure I can find someone to taste the Jack Daniels cake for me to "make sure it is good"!