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Mar 15, 2007 03:33 PM

Recent feedback wanted -- Portsmouth NH spots

Hi folks. Mrs. bachslunch and I are planning a visit to Portsmouth, NH over the next few weeks. I've done some searching here on local restaurants and was wondering if fellow 'hounds had some more recent thoughts on the following wide spectrum of spots:

Muddy River Smokehouse
Anthony Alberto's
Lindberg's Crossing
Blue Mermaid
Friendly Toast
Molly Malone's
Pesce Blue
Gilley's Lunch

The older feedback I'm seeing on Jumping Jay's and the Portsmouth Brewery suggest less attractive options. Other good chowish suggestions within reasonable walking distance of downtown are welcome and encouraged. Thanks!

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  1. I had a great meal at Pesce Blue this past summer and I always love the Stockpot.

    1. I suggest Anthony Alberto's, Lindberg's Crossing, Pesce Blue
      The following were terrible: Blue Mermaid, Portsmouth Brewery

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        Exentsive write-up about Anthony Alberto's in Portsmouth Herald 4/11/07. Name changed to Ristorante Massimo. Same chef, same menu, new name.

        Lindberg's Crossing has new name, too. It is now Black Trumpet.

        1. re: irwin

          That's the first time I have seen anyone saty the the Portsmouth Brewery was terrible. What did you find terrible about it? I know it wasn' the beer.

        2. Muddy River is nothing special, neither is Blue Mermaid. Molly's is good for a burger or Sunday Brunch.

          Lindbergh's (new name now--can't think of it) and Pesce Blue are the best options, but not cheap--ooh, there is a special on Pesce Blue on Sundays for dinner--I think it's $20 for two courses or $30 for three courses.

          I haven't been to Jumpin Jay's in a while, but I've always enjoyed it.

          Brewpub is nothing special, but not a bad spot for lunch. Beer is mediocre.

          Gilley's is a landmark, especially for late night.

          The ground floor of The Gaslight is very good. The basement is pizza only and I haven't been there in a while.

          Fat Belly's has very good burgers, chili cheese fries, etc.

          Flatbread's has the best pizza (order it extra crispy), good beer, and it' just a cool place.

          1. The Portsmouth Brewery is awesome awesome awesome -- because their beer is so freaking fabulous. My boyfriend and I got an amazing tour of the facilities last summer, and the brewmaster himself gave the tour. Their food is all right -- I like their spinach salad -- but the beer makes it great.

            1. Sorry to reply again. If you like Italian subs you should check out Moe's (which I guess is a chain but I never knew that growing up!) which is right near Breaking New Grounds, which is the best coffee ever. Bagel Works (now called The Works) has great bagels, and they use a lot of natural ingredients. My parents absolutely love Flatbread. There is an okay Indian restaurant over near the parking garage...typical indian with excellent service (in my experience). The Friendly Toast is okay, good for a greasy breakfast, and they have awesome omelet combos. I esp. like the Guy Scramble with veggie bacon. (Guy, who it's named after, lives in my old house!) Me and Ollie's has great sandwiches for lunch.