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Mar 15, 2007 03:33 PM

Seafood, Huntington Area

Any suggestions for quality dinner place in or near the huntington area for great fish? I'm willing to do a bit of driving if anyone knows of a really great place...thanks!

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  1. Fiddleheads in Oyster Bay.

    1. You won't buy this easily, but Dolphin Diner has some of the freshest, cleanest fish around. And Mediteranean (sp) snack bar on NY Ave. is great for simple preps. especially when Steve has been fishing.

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      1. re: howund09

        Golden Dolphin Diner...Huntington locals best kept secret for fresh fish dinners.

      2. Wild Fin in Huntington is good.

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          I hate to speak negatively about any restaurant because they all work so hard, BUT, the only thing worse than Fiddleheads is Wild Fin. The only bigger rip-off than those two are any Tom Schaudel place. Frozen, farmraised, poorly executed, oversauced, under seasoned.

        2. I've been to Wild Fin twice and while it isn't a destination restaurant for me the original poster asked for seafood in Huntington. Tell me what you don't like about it.

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            I would have to agree. I went to check this place out his past Sunday and was neither impressed nor disappointed. Far from a memorable experience....


            1. re: foodieforthought

              The place I go to for seafood is Fiddleheads in Oyster Bay, but the OP asked for a Huntington recommendation. Wild Fin is the only seafood restaurant I know of there.

                1. re: Siobhan

                  Wow, I had no idea...haven't been in Huntington in a while. Seems like none of the restaurants in that space last.

          2. I know the Mediterranean Snack Bar always gets top billing, but I prefer Skorpios. They comp you to pita and hummus and I had their snapper fillet prepared Greek style with tomatoes and veggies the other eve. The fish was fresh which is my prime requirement for a seafood restaurant and with salad and soup included at $14.00, it is a genuine find.The Golden Dolphin Diner is up there, too.