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Mar 15, 2007 03:21 PM

Where to Eat at Caesar's Palace?

We're seeing a show there and we've never eaten at Bradley Ogden or Mesa Grill, but have dined at 808 and enjoyed it very much, but it's been a few years. I've also heard the sushi bar at Caesar's is good. I'm not sure we'd want to sit at the bar at Mesa Grill, don't they have any tables? Would appreciate any input.

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  1. Not sure what you mean about Mesa - it's a large restaurant with lots of tables. I would choose Mesa over Bradley Ogden. Can't help you with the sushi bar at Caesar's, never been, but from what I've seen it does get crowded.

    Do you have to eat at Caesar's? It takes about 5 minutes to walk over to Bellagio, and there are lots of good restaurants there too.

    1. If it has to be in Caesar's I would recommend either Bradley Ogden for a nice upscale dinner or Rao's for good Italian. You will want to make a reservation at both places.

      1. Bradley Ogden is excellent, you can tell Chef Ogden knows food...texture, flavor, aroma, appearance. I thought they were great, they even had great bread-little hot differently flavored rolls.

        Mesa is good for lunch, haven't had dinner there but it was the best lunch I've had in Vegas.

        1. We had a fabulous dinner in Mesa. Particularly loved the oyster appetizer and the sweet potato tamale which came with my husband's pork dish (which was no slouch either). Big services, great food, very knowledgeable staff and fun atmosphere. We intend to go back next time we're there, because we had to rush out for the Elton show and didn't have time for desert, which looked very appealing.

          1. Mesa in Caesar's is fantastic for lunch - though I've not eaten dinner there. The Mexican Pumpkin Soup and Blue Corn Duck Pancake are delicious appetizers. The bread basket is filled with homemade cornbread and other interesting treats. I would definitely recommned stopping by Mesa during your trip to Vegas.

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              Dinner at Mesa is wonderful. Of course they have tables, the restaurant is huge. It was one of our favorite dinners the last time out there. Great food (pretty good sized portions too), great service, great drinks. I agree about the duck pancakes, the oyster appetizer is to die for too. We especially enjoyed the Pork tenderloin - it was our favorite by far. Blows the original one in NYC away.