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Mar 15, 2007 03:01 PM

Mystic & nearby for meals that you still think

about? Also any bakeries, gourmet shops, sugarhouse etc.....

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  1. We went recently for a weekend in Mystic. Had a fabulous meal in Stonington at Noah's. And another excellent lunch in Stonington, just down the street from Noah's but name escapes me - funky decor inside, excellent food.

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      I think the lunch place you are talking about is Water St. Cafe. I love both Noah's and the Cafe; Boom is another wonderful place in Stonington. Another one of my favorite spots is the Daniel Packer Inn in Mystic. The upstairs is more formal, my favorite is the pub downstairs with excellent food, a working fireplace, and fantastic ambiance. For take our sandwiches and excellent baked goods, try Mystic Market. There are two locations in the downtown.

    2. Yes, that was it. Water St. Cafe. We had a dozen fabulous oysters and split this really exciting creative salad. One of those places that I would make my stomping ground whenever I was back again for sure. I just loved the menu and ambiance of the place - very comfortable (as others seemed around us as well, from visitors as well as local business lunchers).

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        Yeah, the Water Street Cafe is the bomb, and one of the only places around that serves a late dinner. There is nothing better to cap off a Friday night drive up 95 from NYC than some fresh oysters and some cold beers at Water Street. We end up in Westerly, RI, but the entire town shuts down at 9 or 10pm, even in the height of the tourist season.