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Mar 15, 2007 03:00 PM

Wonders wanted in Walla Walla

I'll be leaving Southern California tomorrow morning for three days in Walla Walla Washington, (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and I haven't the slightest idea of where to eat there. What's good, at which restaurant? Any suggestions you can offer will be appreciated and almost certainly acted on. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Its a real small city, so I'm giving you basically most everything.

    26 Brix Bistro - Mike Davis is a great chef. If you dont see anything on the menu, ask him if he'll cook for you.

    Whitehouse Crawford - Chef Jamie again great. Cool location as well.

    Also have a drink at the Marcus Whitman bar/lounge. If you get the late night bar urge - The Green Lantern

    Salumerie - Amazing meats from Seattle, Norhtern CA and NYC
    Taco truck on Stateline Road - awesome

    Stop by Va Piano for some wine as well. Great wines.

    1. There are several other threads about Walla Walla. Here's one,, where I posted this:

      Do not miss the Whoopemup Cafe in Waitsburg. It's about twenty minutes out of Walla Walla -gorgeous drive, of course- and the food is fantastic. The best we had.
      We also enjoyed Whitehouse Crawford and 26 Brix. But we were last in Walla Walla in June. Hopefully someone will review the new 26 Brix.
      For wine, Abeja was our absolute favorite. We rented a house in town, but on our next trip we plan to stay in one of the cottages at the Inn at Abeja.
      We also recommend a casual walking tour through the historic Walla Walla residential neighborhood. There are some very fine houses.