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Mar 15, 2007 02:56 PM

Pho - Close to Galleria in Houston?

I love Pho and ate it all the time when I worked downtown. I haven't found anywhere that I like over here by the Galleria. Anyone know of a place without having to go downtown or over to Bellaire?

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  1. The closest that I know of is Pho Binh 2021 Mangum.

    1. mocity-
      What places did you like downtown? Pho Bui (which I didn't care for at all) has closed down, and the nearest pho I know of is in midtown near Travis/McGowen.

      1. Nga is great.

        I also like Cali Sandwich. I love their Pho and they have $2 viet sandwich's that are awesome!

        1. How about Vietnam Coast, on Hillcroft, between Richmond and Westheimer. I haven't been there in a while, but enjoyed it when ... their Pho was not bad at all. Not great though.

          1. The closest ones that are really good to the Galleria are Vietnam Coast on Hillcroft between Richmond and Westheimer, and then you have Vietopia near Buffalo Speedway and Westpark (right off of 59 in the Kroger's shopping center/ next to Greenway Plaza) I actually really love Vietopia, but being more accustomed to the gritty places in Downtown this one seems a little fancy. but the Pho is awesome so it's worth it, and it has clean restrooms!!! Both of those are pretty awesome and you can't go wrong.