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Mar 15, 2007 02:43 PM

Hollywood Food plus Scene

What's a good place to go out in Hollywood for 6 snooty, 30 something men? All in the food business, must have good wine/good bar/good scene. Not Mozza.

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    1. If they like burgers, 25 Degrees in the Roosevelt Hotel would be an interesting choice, especially for people in the food biz (though it's on the casual side, and I wouldn't say it has a "scene"). The burgers can be as simple or as fancy as you want (they have all kinds of meats and toppings and an array of artisan cheeses) and there is a wine list of about 40 international half bottles. Onion rings and french fries come with a choice of 5 or so different dipping sauces. I believe there is a small bar in there, and you could also always try hitting the hotel bars/clubs afterwards - Teddy's & Tropicana Bar - they are definitely a "scene." There is a nice steakhouse restaurant in the hotel - Dakota - but I've never been so can't speak of it...

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        I second the Dakota. Actually a cool old-Hollywood style room, nice luxurious booths, good bar, and the food was surprisingly good. Not much of a scene I guess, but right there in Hollywood. Head over the Chateau Marmont if you want scene - good for drinks only.

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          Drinks and apps good, food not so much.

        2. Geisha. Not sure of the wine selection but it's a lively scene and the food is supposed to be pretty good.

          1. Katana.

            I'd suggest reserving a little lounge-like area for yourselves, or taking a section of the patio. If you do choose to sit at the bar, sit on the sushi, not the robata, side.