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Mar 15, 2007 02:11 PM

Malay Satay - open, and favorites?

Read cool things about a Malay Satay Hut place, but not sure if it's open. Someone said closed? But just read a cool review at a Seattle website that makes it sound like it's open and gives cool recommendations:

Can anyone confirm if it's open, and if so, what are YOUR favorite recommendations? Anyone else tried that baby squid mentioned in that review? Makes me hungry!

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  1. it's open. roti canai is always a must. it's been pretty hit or miss for me. i like the shrimp in the yam/taro bowl. my vegetarian friend is crazy for the mango tofu.

    1. Just about EVERYTHING on the menu is delicious, including those baby squids. Definitely go check it out. (Then you can weigh in on the Malay Satay vs. Wild Ginger "debate"!)

      1. The roti canai and the char kway teow (a fried noodle dish) are my favorites. Almost as good as in Singapore and Malaysia, where they are popular street foods. The green bean belachan is also very good.

        1. has anyone noticed, though, that their website has been down for a while now and that the one in portland, at least, is for sale?

          favorite dishes? roti canai, tofu satay, beef satay, mee rebus, belacan (my favorite is the okra), rendang.

          1. I second (fifth?) the roti canai rec. I also LOVE the Belachan green beans, spicy eggplant and chow kuay teow noodles. I believe the 12th Ave. location has reopened...