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Mar 15, 2007 02:11 PM

Superlicious Garlic Croutons from the Oldsmobile Hotel in Lansing Michigan

I originally posted this on the Midwest board, but got no responses.

Back in the 70's I ate at the Oldsmobile Hotel in Lansing, Michigan at a banquet. l had some unusual, but delicious garlic croutons. They were not your normal bread croutons (don't think they were bread). They were very crunchy and crispy, 3-D round-shaped and sized like M&M's. Baked?? Deep fried?? The color was kind of like pringles and the look of the texture also like pringles, but much more crunchy/crispy to eat. Did anyone else have the good fortune to sample these delicious croutons and know of anything similar now?

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  1. Could these have been a form of "suped-up" oyster crackers maybe?

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      No, they were nothing like that. Imagine an M & M sized/shaped crouton, solid and super crunchy. The looked fried, and lightly "browned" in color as if fried. The closet thing I can thing I can think of is, if you had a solid Pringle chip shaped like I describe, only much much crunchier.