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Mar 15, 2007 01:36 PM

Best BBQ in Knoxville TN?

Hello -
am travelling to Knoxville for the NASCAR race in Bristol next wknd and living in NYC (wher we have some bbq but not a lot) I am itchin' to get authentic REAL southern BBQ when I'm in Knoxville on Sat. night. I have heard good things about Buddy's and Corky's, and any other suggestions are appreciated !

Also if anyone recommend any friendly sports bars, that too will be appreciated.

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  1. Buddy's is a local favorite, but Calhoun's has more side dishes (and if you like creamed spinach you may love and obsess about Spinach Maria). The Calhoun's on Neyland Drive is on the Tennessee River and has a lovely site.

    But the do-not-miss BBQ place is on your way to Bristol Motor Speedway (open Mon-Sat only) and is maybe ten miles from BMS. The mecca of my BBQ fantasies is called Ridgewood BBQ in Bluff City TN. Google them for how to find the place and great descriptions of their food.
    Not conventional BBQ, only two kinds- pork and beef, smoked well and then heated up on a grill. We prefer the pork sandwich. Their beans are the best I've ever eaten and we usually buy a (blush) gallon to bring home. Their sweet slaw is the old fashioned kind and their blue cheese appetizer is also different and good.

    1. Sweet P's- 3725 Maryville Pike Knoxville, TN 37920
      (865) 247-7748.Great little neighborhood barbeque restaurant, and the best food.Check them out.
      Calhoun's is good, but pricey, crowded, and overrated.
      And I LOL that somebody would recommend Buddy's - mediocre chain fast food barbeque? Com'on now!

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      1. Also plan to go to Ridgewood BBQ just south of Bristol Motor Speedway.
        There you want to eat their Beans, their Blue Cheese appetizer, and their sliced port sandwiches. I really like their sweet slaw (which is a non-mayo slaw). It will be crowded. It will be worth it. They only do two BBQ meats: sliced beef and sliced pork and unlike any other BBQ places in this part of the country.

        For us, just north east of Knoxville, Ridgewood is one of our destination restaurants.

        Re Knoxville: when I don't feel like cooking, we'll pickup a pound of shredded port from Buddy's and put my own sauce on it.
        Corky's is no longer in Knoxville; there may be one in Pigeon Forge. We liked them.
        If you are a spinach person, you need to go to a Calhouns, if only for the spinach maria.

        One other thing: if you haven't liked Fried Green Tomatoes, you need to try the ones at Puleo's (a local chain) that are served over grits with two gravies: white with sausage, and a red that is tasso based. Their fried green tomatoes are the reason that my husband (aka Mr. Picky) now will eat my Fried Green Tomatoes and their grits are the reason that I learned to cook them at home.

        We go to SoccerTaco (several locations) which is a sports bar WITH really good, freshly prepared Mexican food. (Do you like Carnitas?)

        You are going to love that spring is breaking out down here.

        1. I am not recommending Dead End BBQ (Though I think it's fine) in lieu of Ridgewood but if you do find yourself there the sausage is really good. Easily my favourite on the menu.