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Mar 15, 2007 01:30 PM

Any info on Mike and Nellie's

anyone have information on Mike and Nellie's on rt 35 in Ocean? I pass by this place alot and wonder what its like?

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  1. Homemade Italian. I went there some years ago and had a nice meal. Dont remember what we had but enjoyed it esp the soups. I believe the prices are reasonable and the environment comfortable. The place is always crowded. That's encouraging. Casual. BYO.

    I found their website.

    1. I just left there. I ordered an appetizer, portobella stuffed with crab. it was excellent. I order a filet mignon in a cabernet balsamic reduction for dinner, it came with sweet potatoe fries and grilled asparugus. I ordered the steak medium. It came charred on the outside. You could taste the burn. I didn't send it back. I don't do that, I know what goes on in the kitchen. I wouldn't go back because of that. The cook shouldn't of served it. the waitress should of caught it. The kitchen manager should have stopped it. The cabernet balsamic reduction was watery. I was expecting the consistency of aged balsamic vinager. I don't believe in second chances. I won't go back.

      1. My filet was burned.. I can post pictures.

        1. nothing terrible on my visit, but fairly bland and not a memorable experience at all... i guess the word is ordinary, with a touch of uninterested, lousy service

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            Darn, I have wanted to try that place for some time. Will take it off the list after hearing those remarks.