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Mar 15, 2007 01:02 PM

Guaje Verde?

Cristina? Dommy? Pikawicca just dropped by and brought me a bag of long green-brown pods with green seeds in them. The guy in the store called then guaje verde. Googleing them up gave a lot of confusing info. Anyone know how they are used? They just look like Locust Pods to me.

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  1. I see those in my Mexican market all the time. I've tried to find out how they're used, but my Spanish is almost nonexistent. Thanks for the name of them, though. I never got that far.

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    1. "Guaje Seeds: These nutty and aromatic seeds are a hard to find Mexican specialty. We are adding the Guaje seeds to our list of Mexican ingredients because of the interest created by the inclusion of recipes calling for this item in Rick Bayless's most recent cookbook"

      quoted from

      Now I'll have to look it up in my Bayless cookbook and check it out!

      1. Oops, forgot to post the photo. Guaje pods below.

        1. For some reason the message posted but not the photo, Try again