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Mar 15, 2007 12:35 PM

What are your favorites at Eleven Madison Park?

Going tomorrow night. We're very excited, based on what we've heard.

We don't get into the city that often, and we dine finely in the city even less. So we hope to take maximum advantage of the opportunity. Do folks have particular favorites?

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  1. foie gras torchon, pork dish, short ribs, foie gras creme brulee, poached poulard, etc. Basically anything and everything is great. You could close your eyes and point to the menu and you'd be fine.

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    1. re: dkstar1

      Short ribs? Not on the current menu. And, btw, that mind-blowing fois gras creme brulee is served as a side with the seriously delicious torchon.

      1. re: RGR

        true on both accounts. but I've had all of them there and they were all good. The creme brulee has also been served to me as an amuse (my first Humm experience). The only dish I'd avoid is the salmon. Not because it wasnt good...its just that its hard to elevate that fish to a unique level.

        1. re: dkstar1

          Salmon is probably my favorite fish, and I have had all kinds of interesting preparations. So, why you think this fish, unlike others, cannot be elevated to a "unique" level is a mystery to me. But Chef Humm's salmon could be the one to disabuse you of that notion since it is, as are so many of his creations, a stand-out! The current preparation is the same as the one I had at lunch in May of last year though the accompaniment may be different. You should definitely try it.

    2. I always thought EMP was pre-fixe, can you order a la carte entrees there too? I've always wanted to go there but was turned off by pre-fixe only menu.

      From this post, it makes me wonder what I am waiting for.

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        The three menus at dinner are all prix-fixe. However, at lunch and brunch, there is an a la carte menu. You can view all the menus -- lunch, brunch, and dinner -- on EMP's website.

      2. This is so not helpful but I found everything to be EXCELLENT! That said, I LOVE the duck entree (it is a whole duck for two people, and they will present the whole duck first then cut the breast meat for you). It is served with duck confit. One of the best duck dishes I have in Manhattan.

        Another one is the suckling pig. I am quite picky about pork as I found a lot of the places prepared it poorly, wasting a piece of succulent pork. But EMP definitely gets it right, actually to the next level!

        If you find yourself having a hard time to choose from the dishes (as they all look so good), just order the gourmand tasting menu. Then you can save some thinking and have more wine!

        Hope you enjoy your dinner!

        1. I love just going to the bar--preferably late or on a non-weekend night--and getting the gougeres and a glass of wine or splitting a dessert (the cookie selection is enough for three or four--truly!) and coffee and port.That's a great thing to do w/out-of-town guests . . . the place is just so swanky!

          1. I have enjoyed the parsnip and truffle soup, the glazed California duck with honey and the peanut butter chocolate dessert.

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            1. re: Desidero

              Isn't the parsnip soup an amuse bouche? I have had it but I don't recall it being on the menu. I like the soup as well, but I found the similar parsnip soup at Fleur de Sel to be superior.

              Nevertheless, I have to say that the amuse bouches at EMP are fantastic!!! They are almost always the highlights of my dinners at EMP.

              1. re: kobetobiko

                The parsnip soup was offered as an app when I dined at EMP.