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Mar 15, 2007 12:30 PM

Comfort Food in Paris

My husband and I will be in Paris for two days at the end of May - and I'll be almost 6 months pregnant. Its really a shame, but I haven't been into fancy meals or haute cuisine at all during my pregnancy. I'd love some recommendations for great homey bistros and casual dining spots in Paris. I just don't think I can sit through a michelin starred meal! We'll be staying at a hotel on the Ile st-louis (Hotel Jeu de Paume) and would ideally like places within walking distance (but we're willing to walk a fair distance). Thanks!

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  1. We had a lovely low-keyed meal in February at Lw Hangar, 12 impasse Berthaud (01 42 74 55 44) just behind the Pompidou Center. We were the only tourist in the restuarant, the food was fresh, some of it surprising (fabulous pumpkin soup with chestnuts) and in my book, comfort food (I had raie with buerre noir and capers - not cutting edge but so delicious and comforting). Highly recommend. We also had a great meal at Fish La Boissonerie, great wine bar and restuarant in St. Germain de Pres.

    1. Mon Viel Ami is great for modern Basque cuisine. Great food, not too expensive, but not a traditional French bistro feel- more dark and chic. You will need reservations.

      Chez Denise near Les Halles is very classic, very homey. Lots of red meat and you must get the french fries!

      Bistro d'Henri on 16, rue Princesse is in the 6th, a short walk way and off of St. Germain. Great for lamb and potatoes dauphinoise.

      Lots of sit-down crepe places on rue Saint Andres des Arts, right off of place St. Michel. Plus, they don't require reservations and are inexpensive.

      I've written about a bunch of other Parisian food suggestions on

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        Thanks for your recommendations! About 7 or 8 years ago I was in Paris for work and went to a Brasserie on the Ile-St-Louis, I believe it was called Brasserie d'Ile Saint-Louis. They had an incredible onion tart - and if I remember correctly, a nice cassoulet (I think it was an Alsacian place). Does anyone know if this is still around or any good??

      2. All of the spots previously mentioned will be just fine. The most "up" place we know is Brasserie Balzar; don't know why exactly, but we always feel festive and happy here. Make a reservation; they will treat you well and may give you a Kir on the house. The house wine is excellent, as is anything that must be prepared to order.

        1. Nearby on the left bank is Le Partage-high quality food with a charming environment-we felt like regulars by the end of our meal-