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Mar 15, 2007 12:11 PM

V. Sattui Winery - Napa Valley

Anybody know anything about this Napa Valley winery? I friend of mine buys from them on-line.

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  1. Oh, yes. I've been there in person and it's my friend Linda's favorite to go to in person. It's probably one of the busier/friendlier of the Napa wineries. They have a great gourmet deli and picnic tables so you can eat lunch there on the cheap. Their wines were very nice. A wide range of offerings.

    1. On the contrary! They have some of the worst wines in the valley and cater to busloads of unsuspecting tourists. It really is a dumbed down version of what a proper winery experience should be. Apologies in advance to those that enjoy it!

      1. Totally agree with Husky. There wines should be in boxes.

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          Their wines are worse than wine in boxes. Their cute little winery sucks in tourists, and then their staff does their best to give every single customer the hard sell and then the cold shoulder when you "dare" to intimate that you're not really loving their wine. Definitely some of the worst wine in Napa.

        2. The biggest cash cow in the Valley, they make their money by selling lots of deli items, letting people have picnics on the grounds, and -- most of the time -- letting buses stop there. Since the wines are only sold at the winery (with very few exceptions), most visitors to the Valley think "Ooh, better get 'em here, or I'll never get 'em again," and voila! the moise from the cash registers are heard up-and-down the Valley . . . .

          With the occasional exception -- their 1997 White Zinfandel (or was it a Rose?) was quite good -- Husky has it exactly right.


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            For some reason the board is forcing me to reply to an individual post rather than to my original post. Anyway, thanks for the opinions. I'd say that V. Sattui got thoroughly scolded. Safe to say I won't be buying any of these wines. I think I'll try a Priorat. Local store has one in the $20-30 range.

            zin1953, what does YMMV mean?

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              Click the Reply link in the lower right hand corner of the post you want to reply to.

              YMMV = your mileage may vary.

          2. Agree on all points mentioned however their Gamay Rouge is a great summer picnic wine. But having said that, it's not worth fighting the crowds of people to buy it; there are much better dry roses on the market for far less hassle.