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Mar 15, 2007 12:10 PM

Friday office lunch celebrating St Pattys day in OC

I want to rally the troops in my office for a Guiness Swilling lunch tommorow the day before St Pattys day. Our office is in Irvine on Jamboree and Barranca, any thoughts?

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  1. If you can get everybody over to Fashion Island, Muldoon's Dublin Pub (202 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach) is a nice place to celebrate all things Irish. Nice atmosphere for drinking a guiness or a glass of Jameson. It's not one of your divey pubs like Mallarkys or The Shamrock, so it would be good for bringing co-workers to. I've never eaten there, but I've heard the food is pretty good; not great food, but better than you'd expect from an Irish pub in the US.

    Other options in the Irvine area are:
    The Yard House at the Irvine Spectrum or McCormick & Schmick's

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      Muldoons will be full of the surrounding office workers as usual. Shamrock a dive , ha ha Cassidys, although they do have a great burger, on the peninsula, now thats a dive but not the Shamrock. Anyway Shamrock will be pretty busy by lunchtime Friday as well but i would chose there if you want a proper bar atmosphere, i like the food as well. ( If they have the banger melt special get that ) . Plenty of other beers for those of us who do not like Guinness. Malarkeys runs a shift system on St Patricks day proper and may be doing that Friday as well ( ie you get thrown out every 4 hours or so ) . Durty Nellies over on Redhill may be a reasonable and reachable choice.

    2. The McCormick's in LA is fun on St. Patty's, but I don't know about St. Patty's Eve. They usually have green beer, people dancing on table/bartops (think Riverdance), and beer brand bead giveaways. I know they get started early as well, but again, that's on St. Patty's.