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Mar 15, 2007 11:58 AM

Near the Canon Theatre

There used to be (hopefully still is) a restaurant/brewery down Victoria Street - there's a car park on the corner. I've heard it's changed names and or hands several times and I can't trace it. Got a feeling the restaurant (main level) was St. Louis something or other. Does anyone know if it still exists as it wasn't a bad place to eat prior to going to the theatre?

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  1. Hmm, I believe that it is (was) called The Strand, and when I went by the other week, it looked pretty dark and not open.
    If you're looking for dinner in the area, Terroni is really good and pretty fast if you get there at 6 (by 6:15 it's jammed). Linda, the upstairs part of Salad King has nice Thai food and takes reservations, which I definitely recommend if you decide to go there. Before a show at the Elgin a little while ago, we had dinner at the Superior Restaurant, which was more better than average than superior, really, and kind of pricey, but it was fast. Like, frighteningly fast. Less than 10 minutes from ordering to getting our dinner. Which left us time to have a snooze-preventing latte before the opera...

    1. Been to Linda's, it's good but unfortunately members of our party do not like Thai food. If nobody can help on my original question then I think we'll go to Terroni. Thanks for your help though.

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        If you go to Terroni on a theatre night be warned by 6 its lined up out the door (we were there last night). Either arrive at 5:30 or make reservations! At 5 when I arrived there were 2 tables available that weren't reserved.

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            Sure they do. At least the Victoria Street does. They will only take until the restaurant is half booked but they will accept it.

            I can't speak for any of the other locations but I actually have dinner here at least once a month and we always make reservations.

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              Thanks, I'll speak to our group and make a reservation. Appreciate the help.

      2. The Senator diner is on Victoria as well.

        1. It used to be called GROWLERS - ! Anyone know if it's still open?

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            Ah, Growlers. I loved Growlers...back in my Ryerson days I spend many a giddy evening there. The food was great and the beer was supernal. It hasn't been Growlers for many many years now...
            It was the Strand, after it was Growlers, but now it just looks like it's space for lease...

          2. Has anyone tried 35 Elm Street? It seems nice from the photos and they do take reservations.