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Food/places you go when you're exhausted!

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You've had a long day, you don't wanna cook. You just want something good. You're tired!

Where do you go, or what do you get? Do you go out? Do you do takeout?

How do you soothe yourself at the end of a long day?

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  1. A pint of Ben & Jerry's.

    1. Pazazz Sushi on Hyperion. Not great, but it does the trick.

      1. A bowl of matzo ball soup at Junior's Deli on Westwood Blvd.

          1. re: budlit

            I've passed it several times, but have never ventured in. What do you recommend there?

          2. I stay home rather than go out. That way I can have a glass of wine (or 2 ;-) and relax to a movie or the food channel. I generally go with something easy to throw together -mini pizza, make an antipasto platter or pasta. Usually some sort of Italian comfort food.

            1. Chris & Pitts. Crash into a booth, enjoy a cherry pepsi and feast on chicken fried steak or spaghetti (I know, weird for a bbq place but it's great.) Dip your fries in Hawaiian sauce and float off to slumberland...

              1. Just a reminder folks, that the Los Angeles board is focused on where to find great chow in LA. If you've got a local suggestion on where to go and what to get to soothe a weary soul, please go ahead and post it. General discussion of things to make/eat at home would be a conversation for another board.

                1. Pretending I'm normal: Green Street Restaurant or Tarantino's.
                  Screw normal: Magnolia or The Nose.

                  1. I love to grab a pint of vegetable soup from the Astro in silverlake. It's good for when you've got a cold too.

                    1. Take out from Won Won Kitchen in Temple City.

                      1. Man, I'm gonna be run off the board for this one.....
                        When I've had it, I don't wanna deal with waitstaff or deciding what I want, I head over to the Royal China chinese buffet place. Most of the dishes are edible, varied, and I don't have to deal with anyone and can graze solo, with a decent book for an hour.

                        1. After a tough day, I like:

                          - Grabbing a nacho plate from the Chano's by USC or one of the many places in Lincoln Heights
                          - Popeye's chicken strip dinner w/ fries or red beans/rice
                          - House special bean curd from Good Taste/Jade Wok
                          - Won ton/chashu pho at Pho 87 on Broadway

                          I prefer not dealing with crowds on weekdays.

                          - $6 pitchers of Kirin and a katsu-don @ Oiwake...followed by Bon Jovi karaoke
                          - $2.50 microbrews, chicken quesadillas and chicken wings @ Weiland's

                          On weekends, being around crowds tends to give me energy.

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                            Haha! Pitchers are typically a necessary precursor to karaoke.

                          2. 1. Rotisserie chicken from Whole Foods (when I'm being healthy)
                            2. Pastrami sandwich from Oinkster (when I'm being self-indulgent)
                            3. Bowl of Pozole from La Cabanita (when I have a cold).

                            Or, pick up a sausage or pepperoni pizze from Hard Times (this is the case more than I like to admit)

                            1. last night i was exhausted so i walked over to india sweet house on pico. i ordered 2 samosa, 1 aloo paratha, saag paneer and a sweet lassi to go. i got out the door for under $10.

                              1. Roast Chicken from Costco (if one of the things that is wearing me out is shopping at Costco!)
                                Pizza from Pinocchio's
                                Large War Won Ton Soup from China Express
                                And now that I've been there...Chile Verde from Tonny's

                                1. Am I the only one who will fess up? If I am exhausted, as in can't-get-out-of-the-car exhausted, I drive through McDonald's. Yes, it's true. And I'll get chicken nuggets and fries because they expend the least amount of energy to eat. While I ponder how the chicken actually gets into that shape.

                                  If I can manage to get out of the car, then it's soup from the Panera Bread two blocks away. All of their soups are so good, especially the vegetable soup, which is the best vegetable soup I've ever had in my life.

                                  There's also Frankie & Johnnie's NY Pizza on Washington - such good east coast pizza just two minutes away from me.

                                  1. Pizza from Santino's (its half a block from our house)
                                    I love the rotisserie chicken from costco too ($4.99 for a whole chicken!)
                                    And in a true bind/exhaustion, the 7 piece meal from El Pollo Loco

                                    1. On days like these I like to drive-thru the Fatburger on FIg. (near USC). It's the half-way point on my commute, and sometimes it's nice to just turn off the engine, turn off the radio, and reflect while they grill up my burger. Nice, hassle-free quiet-time followed by piping hot skinny fries.

                                      1. As in the other night when the SO was outta town and I worked a 12-hr day, I dropped by Wong's Wok in the Ralph's/Sav-On (or Rite-Aid now) mini-mall where Fletcher and Glendale collide, and pick up chow mein noodles with chicken teriyaki and chinese veggies for $5.95. It's a feel-good fix for me though not exactly heart-friendly. Did I mention I'm into salt?

                                        1. After sitting in traffic for four hours btwn north San Diego to Fullerton yesterday, I went home exhausted and made a simple pasta of garlic, spicy olive oil and salt & pepper.

                                          If I had enough energy to stop off and get something, these days, it would've been take out Chinese, Wingstop or Hawaiian BBQ (Ono, Maui, L&L, etc).

                                          1. For me it's take-out from Chi Dynasty on Hillhurst (I get a veggie version of hot & sour soup and the Buddha's Delight) or Tom Yum soup and drunken noodles from Simply Thai, only a block's walk from me. I also like to go out for Indian (Agra Cafe, Paru's, Flavor of India) but these usually are a bigger ordeal.

                                            1. OK, I'll admit it. I buy fried chicken at Ralphs. It's fast, it's cheap, it's on my way home, and it's pretty good. Plus there are leftovers for the next day.

                                              If I'm going to go OUT, husband and I like the Third Stop on 3rd or Le Petit Bistro on La Cienega. No "scenes"

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                                              1. re: Amuse Bouches

                                                Have you tried the fried chicken at Albertson's? I think it is far and away better than most fried chickens offered by supermarkets.

                                                1. re: ipsedixit

                                                  Just tried their zesty wings last night. So good and 3.99/lb. Yum!

                                                  1. re: ipsedixit

                                                    No - there isn't an Albertson's on my way home, but I'll have to try it.

                                                    Ralph's is actually pretty good if you get it fresh.

                                                2. If I'm being good, and it's a school night (meaning I have a class), I stop and get a tuna or salmon roll at a little fast food hole in the wall Japanese minimall place by Cal St Long Beach. If I'm being good, and it's not a school night, I get my butt home, and roast some vegetables with olive oil and garlic while downing a stiff shot of Wild Turkey.

                                                  If I'm being bad, it could be a burger and fries from Tommy's or In-n-out, happy hour with my work friends (sandwiches with fries, Wild Turkey, or beer), or Mexican. Mexican could be sublime, like Enrique's, cheap, like SuperMex, or just nasty good like Mi Lupitas or Casa Sanchez(Chile Relleno Burrito, Baby). All these options require beer or Wild Turkey.

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                                                    Casa Sanchez and lengua tacos or burritos...yummy and tender. Where do you go for your sushi by CSULB?

                                                    1. re: justagthing

                                                      It's called Teriaki/Sushi (original, yes?), and it's in a minimall on the southwest corner of Atherton and Palo Verde, in the corner. There's also a 7-11 in the same minimall. Their spicy tuna roll is very spicy. Their Washington state roll is the best thing I've had there. I got a plain tuna roll on Wed., and it was the least interesting. The price is right, too. Casa Sanchez lengua? Oh yeah. It's good.

                                                  2. When I'm exhausted, I'll stop at any number of places to pick up some prepared foods. Top on my list are:

                                                    Little Door Next Door - harissa crab cakes, goat cheese tarts, great soups
                                                    Prepared foods at Whole Foods - roasted chicken, short ribs
                                                    Greenblatts - knish, corned beef sandwich and a pint of potato salad, sometimes the brisket sandwich
                                                    Gaucho Grill - Deshuesado al Ajo, which is the roasted chicken in garlic sauce

                                                    1. The drive-thru at Manny's/Chano's, USC adjacent.

                                                      Granted, it's a bit of a drive from my home base of Santa Monica, but it defines drive-thru comfort food for me. Whenever I'm feeling out of sorts, and don't want to deal with sit-down, I find myself at Manny's for the nachos.

                                                      1. Drive Thru El Pollo Loco.

                                                        1. Anything in the prepped food aisle at Trader Joes.

                                                          The Thai place in the Kmart/Whole Foods shopping center at Third and Fairfax...gah, cannot remember name...argh....

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                                                          1. If I have inexpensive wine at home, then it's takeout from Phoenix.
                                                            If not, then Trader Joes for some cheap wine and a can of turkey chili that I nuke.

                                                            1. Semi-exhausted: Pick up a chicken and some tortillas from Whole Foods, or a chicken from Zankou.

                                                              Exhausted: Drive thru In and Out.

                                                              Reallly exhusted: Order in from Manny's pizza (with an order of fried zucchini, which actually holds well by the time they get to our house), Thai Dishes, or Fu-Shing

                                                              Really really really exhausted: Drink.

                                                              1. Chicken from Zankou or takeout from Mae Ploy if we're exhausted, El Pollo Loco if we're lazy.

                                                                1. Exhausted enough to order in and needing comfort/sustenance food:

                                                                  Tom Ka Gai (various spellings) chicken coconut soup and maybe some chicken satay or pad thai - which will be mostly leftovers but hey

                                                                  Chicken tikka masala, raita, maybe a pakora


                                                                  Expensively delivered (do they still do this?) chicken-and-matzoh soup and mashed potatoes

                                                                  Exhausted enough to need drive-through sustenance:

                                                                  KFC original breast (take off skin) and a caesar roasted chicken salad (I ditch the dressing and put lemon olive oil on it.. it doesn't have that horrible drive-through-salad fakeness that some other chains have)

                                                                  (If really really really scraping bottom) - fish tacos from Del Taco or Cheese Quesedilla from Taco Bell