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Mar 15, 2007 11:49 AM

Need pre-theatre recommendations

Party of 6 clients who think they know everything, Hey, maybe they do, who's to say? Would like to choose a terrific place that's consistently delicious and efficient in getting us out & to the show on time. Nothing super touristy unless the food is really justifiably good. Thanks!

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  1. Just about all the restaurants in the Theater District are geared up to get pre-theater diners fed and out very quickly. So, since there are literally hundreds of place to choose from, some specifics would be helpful. Cuisine preferences? Casual or fancier? Per person budget? And tell us if that figure includes alcoholic beverages, tax & tip.

    1. It's business so price is not an issue, and environment should be business appropriate. As a reference point I have liked Becco for this type of dinner in the past. Type of cusine is also no particular preference. The key criteria is that it serve very good food and not be a dive or overly casual. A restaurant that you would go to even if it were not pre-theatre. Is that helpful in narrowing it down a bit?

      1. Orso, fantasitc, but you must make reservations way in advance.
        Marseilles, at 43rd and 9th, always reliable, but again, be sure you have reservations.
        Thalia is pretty good, too

        1. Was in your fare city a couple weekends ago with a group and stayed in the theater district.
          Hit two wonderful restaurants that meet your criteria, thanks to recommendations from NY Hounds.

          Cascina for Italian. Everyone loved it. Within walking distance of Times Square, terrifc authentic Italian rustic decor, delicious food, and an incredibly entertaining waiter. The favorite was the Osso Bucco.

          Hell's Kitchen for Mexican influenced cuisine (definitely NOT your typical burritos and enchiladas joint). Very hip, slightly upscale, but understated. Delectible margaritas as well as unfrogettable food. A small place though so be sure to call asap for a res.

          Both were unique experiences, not your average run of the mill restaurant.