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Mar 15, 2007 11:42 AM

Hole in the wall near LAX

My mom is coming into town tonight and I'd like to take her to a nice hole in the wall restaurant. Something many others wouldn't know about. She used to take us to these eclectic places growing up, and I'd like to return the favor. Since she's flying in around 8, somewhere near LAX would be great, especially up in the Santa Monica area. Any cuisine is good.


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  1. Good and little known Thai restaurant right by LAX, Ayara Thai.
    6245 W 87th St.
    LA, CA 90045

    Here is a link to a good and recent thread on this very subject that should give you some other good ideas.

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    1. re: tony michaels

      this would be my suggestion, too.
      very good food.
      very reasonable prices.
      nice enough atomsphere, especially if you're seated on the lower level (the south side of the restaurant).

    2. thank you. this is very helpful.

      1. If you want something actually in Santa Monica, I would take her to Musha. You would need a reservation since it's a very small place. You can search the board for information on what to order, but I love taking out-of-towners (particularly those from places where there's no access to good izakaya food) to Musha. It's between 4th and 5th on Wilshire.

        1. There is a Mongolian BBQ on Manchester east of Aviation ? in a mall with a sports bar, donut place, laundromat and a couple other places. It is my fave Mongolian, get an extra order of the fried won ton, they give you one or two with the meal. I am not sure how late they are open. If anyone knows the name, please jump in. Call and find out when they close.

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            for what it's worth,
            for mongolian barbeque, i much prefer BIG WOK on sepulveda blvd in manhattan beach.

            1. local hawaiian place on sepulveda "back home in lahaina"

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              1. re: rickym13

                That place is good for a first try at Hawaiian. (Personally, I could do without Hawaiian cuisine - but if I had to have it, I'd go there. It's interesting.)