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Tucson picnic food

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Planning a hiking trip in Sabino Canyon. I would like to take a picnic lunch with me. Any good spots to buy a picnic type lunch. ie sandwiches ect. We'll be staying around Ina and Oracle rds.

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  1. beyond bread on campbell is a good choice; feast on speedway has great prepared food...

    1. There is also a Beyond Bread on the east side at Wilmot and Speedway.

      AJs Fine Foods at Campbell and Sunrise has wonderful things to pack for picnics as well. Great deli section, salads, etc. (Even sushi!) And the produce there can't be beat.

        1. Yes, Baggins makes wonderful sandwiches, and always gives a small cookie, too.

          1. Baggin's is a good bet if there's one near by... not worth a long drive to, in my opinion (but then, I have one near by... so I may be biased/jaded). AJ's is probably the best place that is close to you. There's also a Wild Oats right there at Ina & Oracle, and a Jason's Deli south on Oracle past River.

            1. If you don't mind thinking outside the box a little bit, Feast would be a splendid choice. They specialize in take-out, and may be able to do more than just sandwiches for you (although their sandwiches are terrific in their own right). Stop by and chat with them a little bit; you might be able to swing even a three-course picnic, who knows!