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Mar 15, 2007 11:27 AM

In love with bahn mi

Went to Little Saigon Sandwiches in on Washington Street. Am now in love with their bahn mi. I didn't know something this good existed. Flaky, crunchy crust and tender bread on the inside. Juicy, perfectly spiced BBQ chicken with a too die for combo of pickles and pickled carrots. What a wonderful mix of sweet, spicy, salty, sour. I think all of my tastebuds were alive and kicking! Also had the teriyaki beef bahn mi, which I didn't think was as amazing. Still good, but not on the same level.

Plus their eggrolls are so crispy and delicious. So glad that their food is so cheap!

I had a very bad experience with a bahn mi place in New York that had turned me off to them, so I am glad to have found redemption and heaven. Yums!

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  1. I am probably not going to be too popular saying this, but I love New Saigon Sandwich on Washington between Beach and Kneeland. Most peeps on CH love Mei Sum on Beach.

    1. I haven't given New Saigon a recent revisit, but I intend to, ponyboy, based on your consistent raves. I do like Mei Sum, but it's my second favorite after Pho Viet in the Super 88 food court in Allston.

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      1. re: MC Slim JB

        the way I look at it, mei sum might have better bread... but New Saigon is serving a lot more sandwiches everyday making them a whole lot fresher.

        1. re: MC Slim JB

          I'm with you on that - the banh mi at Super 88 rocks.

        2. Any good bahn mi in Brookline, Allston, Brighton area?

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          1. My husband had the same reaction when I introduced him to a bahn mi. I do like the sandwiches at Little Saigon. Although, I think they're pretty good at any of the other places that sells them: Mei Mei bakery, Super 88 Food Court, etc.

            1. I am with you! My relatives and friends from HK tried it and they loved it too (beside lobster).

              I just wonder not too many mention about the small cart inside the building on Beach Street. It is gone now. I think it was the best in Chinatown.

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              1. re: sheila

                Do you mean Lu's, between the jewelry store and the grocer, at the corner of Beach and Knapp Sts? If so, I used to like that one, too, but it has gone seriously downhill.

                1. re: MC Slim JB

                  i'm an anomaly on this board, but i love Lu's. i get the tofu there, though...maybe i wouldn't be as happy with the meat options? i also always end up walking around the corner to saigon sandwiches to get their shrimp fresh rolls (three for $2.50!). three spring rolls and a sandwich for a total of five bucks can't be beat.