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Mar 15, 2007 11:21 AM

Quick dinner recs Ottawa

I will be in Ottawa Saturday and am looking for some quickish dinner suggestions - I have an hour, an hour and a half tops.
I will be staying on Somerset between Bank & Elgin, and need a spot within walking distace.
I have tried Fox & Feather, & the Crab Shak in the past, and both have left me feeling - well, empty.
I loved Fairouz but it is no longer there (why oh why did he have to retire??)
I've read good things about the Manx but have only ever been for drinks. What is their menu like?
I appreciate any tips that you can give me!

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  1. Given where you're staying and your time restraints the Manx is really the only option that you need to consider. The food is truly excellent: go for the burger (toppings change every day), the burrito or the club. And you've gotta love the half fries-half salad deal when both the fries and salad are so good.

    1. Head a little further west on Somerset, past Bronson. Mekong is quite nice.

      1. Based on your location:

        -Fairouz was replaced by a new restaurant Bocado also serving Mediterreanean food. It wasn't bad, but I don't have Fairouz to compare to.
        -If you like Indian, I really like Ceylonta (Bank and Somerset). Inexpensive Sri Lankan food, the decor isn't great, but the food is and the wine prices are very reasonable.
        - Whalesbone at Bank and Gladstone is excellent with fresh seafood and other meat items as well (i.. the steak). Best fresh oysters in the city. Make reservations and call ahead b/c it's small.
        -I''ve also heard good things about Genji if you like Japanese, located at Lisgar and Elgin serving sushi as well as a few non-conventional hot plates.

        Let me know how it goes!