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Mar 15, 2007 11:19 AM

drinking bourbon

I'm just of legal drinking age and will now be able to order drinks out. I grew up being allowed to drink, so I'm accustomed to the taste and one of my favorite spirits is bourbon. I really enjoy knob creek, although it's expensive, so I settle for either a jim beam or jack daniels. Any reccomendations for good drinks to order while out at a restaurant or bar? I don't like anything fancy...just something classy.

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  1. I always go for Jack and Ginger Ale. Not as sweet as coke and no caffeine, which can lead to headaches the next day. (And Jack Daniels is not bourbon. It's a Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey.)

    1. oh...thanks for the tip.

      1. I always like me a good Manhattan.

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          Second that :) Especially with Makers Mark.

        2. I readily admit to *not* being an avid Bourbon fan, so my "regular" Boubon of choice is Maker's Mark with just one or two ice cubes in it. More "serious" (read, older and more expensive) Bourbons, I sip neat.

          1. I like Jim Beam, club soda, and lime.