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Mar 15, 2007 10:57 AM

Katana,Koi or Katsuya Brentwood-best for less

Coming up from OC this weekend and would like to try one of these fusion spots...I know they are all pricey but which one has the best food without having to spend a fortune.....can we do one of these for 2 people for under $100 total....we don't drink...what are we talking about in terms of the bill for dinner for 2....thanks

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  1. If you don't do omakase at any of them, sure.
    But I really feel you won't get much at either at any of those for that amount.
    Anyway, avoid Koi. It's more about celebrities than it is fish.
    Between Katana and Katsuya, I would pick Katsuya.

    1. Katsuya

      In that order.

      1. I agree to both of them above. Koi is a scene.

        1. I say Katsu-Ya but definitely SKIP the Brentwood location and hit the non-scene'ish location on 3rd Street.

          1. Had my first dinner at Koi last night. Yes, it is a scene and there are scary Hollywood stereotypes at almost every table, but it was easy to get a reservation and everything that we had was delicious! I highly recommend the Crispy Rice topped with Spicy Tuna, Seared Albacore with Crispy Red Onions and the Eel & Avocado Roll. Very good desserts as well...