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Mar 15, 2007 10:30 AM

Sunday Dinner in Paris

Hello Again,

Was hoping to eat at L'ami Louis for sunday dinner but they are complet (so I'm having sunday lunch there)... The question now is where to eat Sunday dinner-- I work in the food industry and used to live in Paris so something really wonderful would be great and I'd be interested in the gamut from cheap eats to super special -- merci!

Btw, for this long wknd trip, I already have reservations at:

La Cigale
L'Epi Dupin
La Ferrandaise
L'ami Louis

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  1. I cannot imagine that you'll be hungry for a complete dinner after a big lunch at L'Ami Louis. I know I wouldn't be. I'd think you'll be more likely to want a crepe or a bowl of soup and a salad.... and I'd probably just do a neighborhood place for either of those.