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Mar 15, 2007 10:10 AM

what's missing from my list of must-try pizzas in nyc?

so my friends and i like to try new pizza places....we are getting to the bottom of our original list, so i thought i would turn to chowhound to possibly help add some suggestions to keep it going.

we've been to:
patsy's (harlem)
vinnie vincenz
una pizza napoletano

totonno's and lucali are still on the list to try.

what's your favorite place that isn't on the list above?

Thanks so much!

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    1. re: Luther

      Luzzos is the besst place in NY i think

    2. while it's not my "favorite," I think Piola is worth a visit. Huge selection of combination pies and unique combos. I've had a few excellent meals there and the Rio De Janeiro and Diavola pies are my favs. Their fresh fruit Caipirihnas and Caipiroskas are great too!

      1. Lucali's, relatively new in Carroll Gardens. Do a search in Outer Boroughs and you'll find lots of reviews.

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        1. re: bklyngrl

          I second Lucali's. Delicious and in a beautiful Brooklyn neighborhood.

        2. Nick's Pizza in Forest Hills is quite good.
          NICK'S PIZZA, 108-26 Ascan Ave., Forest Hills, 718-263-1126

          Believe it or not, they use a conventional gas oven. Awesome thin-crust pizza. The simple fresh basil, fresh mozzarella, and marinara is the best (Margharita Pizza)!

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          1. re: DessertWanderer

            I'm going to second this recommendation

            1. re: jza1218

              Third. Took the trip to Forest Hills just for Nick's and I was very impressed. Up there in my top 3.

              1. i have no idea what any of the other menu items are like, but the grandma pie from rosa's on 2nd btw 33rd and 34th is really, really delicious.