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Mar 15, 2007 10:04 AM

One day in Paris

My family (kids -3!)and I are spending one day in Paris this April. We are from the Minneapolis, USA and are staying in London but are taking the train to Paris for one overnight. We are staying near the Opera. Where should we eat? We obviously don't want anything frou-frou at all. But someplace where we can have bistro-type food and they will tolerate my well-beahaved kids. Also any recs for take-away type lunch?

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  1. Every corner of Paris has something great to make a picnic with - look for a traiteur and a boulangerie and go to town - couple of slices of ham, pate, carrot salad, celery root, a piece of fruit and a baguette - can think of nothing as good for lunch!! I was recently in Paris with my teenage daughter and we had a lovely moderately priced dinner at Le Hanga, 12 impasse Berthaud, (01 42 74 55 44) one block from the Pompidou Center (metro stop Rambuteau). It was a low key restaurant with excellent fresh food and no tourist (except us!)

    1. Oh my, how much do I love the ham sandwiches you can buy on the street at lunchtime!

      1. pleny of restaurants around the opera.
        When in Paris do as the parisians, ask your front desk person where to eat without the fuss and the touristic things.
        Just about any bistro with a terrace will do you good
        One day is definitely not enough!

        1. You must stop by a Laduree and get some of their macaroons to's the quintessential Parisian experience. When I was last there I went to a bistro called Chez Denis(?). I know it was "chez" something, which doesn't help much, but I'm pretty sure it was Denis. It's pretty famous though, it was featured on Anthony Bourdain's show, and they have the largest underground wine cellar. It's very casual with good food and reasonable prices. There's a really good fallafel joint called L'as du Fallafel - 34 Rue des Rosier (4th aron.) - it's cheap and filling. Le Bon Marchee has a grocery opposite where you would be able to find really good take-away food.

          1. Chez Denise, 5, rue Prouvaires, First; (33-1) - The address and telephone for Chez Denis. They're open 24 hours Mon. thru Fri.